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Not all lenders are the same
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Borrowers love working with Fairway and it's not just because we're polite. We get the job done and ensure our clients get everything they're promised.

Many lenders, including major banks, only handle the initial steps in the mortgage application process. This is the easier way to do things, but far from the best. Outsourcing important work such as mortgage applications results in delays, which can lead to additional fees for applicants. Even worse, delays can lead to the homebuying process falling through, with applicants losing out on the home of their dreams and realtors losing sales.

We're not one of those lenders. We're committed to carrying out every step of the mortgage process in-house, both to save hassle for our clients and to make sure that they end up in the home they love.

Realtors can rely on Fairway to close on mortgages in time for their clients, resulting in a situation where truly everyone wins.

"Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. That means closing on time and completing the mortgage application process transparently in our office."
"We give you the best option for closing your house on time, and without needless hassles."
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