Closing Day Overview

closing day homeowner homebuying homeownership

Closing Day Overview

closing day homeowner homebuying homeownership

After you’ve gone through the process of finding a home and choosing your best mortgage loan option, only one step remains before moving into the house of your dreams! At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Fort Lauderdale, we’re here to prepare you for closing day so you know exactly what to expect. The closing should be a positive experience for everyone involved, especially the new homeowner! We’re happy to provide helpful tips for each step of the process, to ensure a great outcome.

How to Prepare
Before your closing date, you’ll want to carefully review your closing disclosure and reach out to your loan officer if you have any questions. By comparing your listed closing fees to the loan estimate that you received initially, you’ll be able to discover anything you’d like to inquire about before closing day. Your cashier’s check or other payment method needs to match these figures (and it will delay your success if there are discrepancies), so it’s important to read these loan documents closely beforehand. Since you will receive your closing documents three days in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to look these over.

What to Bring
You and any co-borrower on your mortgage loan will need to bring photo identifications to closing, with the name on your government-issued identification directly matching the loan documents. Though usually only one form of identification is required, you’ll want to check with your loan officer for any state-specific laws requiring more. For any fees that will not be rolled into your mortgage, you’ll need to bring payment in an acceptable form such as cashier’s check or wire transfer. To safeguard against last-minute changes interrupting the process, it’s wise to bring along your checkbook as well.

Who Will Be There
Although it varies by state on who exactly will be present for closing day, the core group of attendees remains the same. Your closing agent, who works for your lender or the title company, will occasionally bring their own attorney. The seller and their real estate agent will join you and your real estate agent to seal the deal!

We can’t wait until you are handed the keys and become the owner of a new home! To begin this process today or ask any questions, give our office a call!

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