Go Green in Fort Lauderdale

Green residential building

Go Green in Fort Lauderdale

Green residential buildingGoing green isn’t just a fad. Conscious consumerism and sustainability are here to stay. By making small changes to your personal habits, you reduce your environmental footprint and conserve limited resources. But whether your motivation is to help save the planet or you’re just looking to dodge rush-hour traffic, there are several ways to pitch in and pursue a greener lifestyle. If you are a Fort Lauderdale resident, you can take advantage of the city’s infrastructure, events and services. Check out the following opportunities you have at your fingertips here in Fort Lauderdale to create a more sustainable approach to life.

Ditch the Car

Get those steps in! Walking or biking around town will not only reduce your carbon emissions but save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs in addition to improving your health. The Flagler Greenway follows the Florida East Coast Railway corridor on Flagler Drive and stretches from Broward Boulevard all the way to Sunrise Boulevard. As recently as late September 2019, the city announced plans to enhance accessibility and connections to the greenway and add in new bike and micro-mobility parking as well as wayfinding and placemaking features.

If your commute to work isn’t served by the greenway, you can use the public transportation system as an alternative. Additionally, carpooling services such as UberPool and Lyft Shared are available in our area and present a greener and more affordable option for those who want to make the jump to lower-impact modes of transport.

Buy Local

Transporting produce long distances to sell at grocery stores and markets creates carbon emissions and negates the benefits of a green lifestyle. Instead, choose locally sourced organic produce from a farmers market near you. Luckily, farmers markets are plentiful in Fort Lauderdale, and most of them run year-around. Check out this extensive list of farmers markets in Broward and see their days and hours of operation.


For many people, separating trash from recycling waste is a no-brainer. However, every city has its own ordinance when it comes to waste disposal, and it’s important to understand what can or cannot be tossed in the blue bin. In Fort Lauderdale, clean recyclable materials are collected together in one container. This means you can mix steel, aluminum, plastic and glass food and beverage containers, paper, cardboard and other accepted recyclable materials together without sorting them into separate carts or bins.

In general, the guidelines for recycling in public spaces are the same as your home or workplace. Keep in mind that you must empty out bottles, cans and food containers before placing such items in recycling containers.

Are you a Fort Lauderdale resident who wants to explore more ways to get involved in the community’s sustainability efforts? Have a look at this website.

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