Great Uses of Your Tax Refund

Great Uses of Your Tax Refund

Tax season is here, and people expecting a refund may be starting to think of how they will use it. Rather than spending your refund on an impulse purchase, consider some practical ways to invest the money. Here are a few:

Make a home down payment– If you are thinking about purchasing a home, your tax refund can go toward a down payment. The more money you can put down initially, the lower your monthly mortgage payment will be.

Pay off debt– Debt is a common stumbling block for potential homebuyers. Use your tax refund to pay off credit card bills and raise your credit score.

Add home improvements– Making improvements to your home can increase its resale value. Use your tax refund to perhaps update your kitchen or refurbish your home deck.

Rebuild your emergency fund– If you have depleted your emergency fund, a tax refund can be a great way to replenish it. Keep your emergency fund in an interest earning savings account to make the most of it.

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