How to Paint Your Front Door

How to Paint Your Front Door

Looking for a weekend project that will give your home’s curb appeal a fresh new look? Try adding a splash of color and painting your front door. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Choose a color. Bold colors can add pizzazz, while classic and neutral colors are always in season. Make sure to consider the color of your shutters and home and choose a door color that will complement those.
  2. Remove all hardware. For the cleanest look, you should do away with the locks and knobs on the door. If you do not want to remove them, you can cover them with painter’s tape.
  3. Clean and sand. Clean the door with a damp rag, and once it is dry, use an electric or manual sander to rough up the surface so that paint will better adhere.
  4. Apply primer. Depending on the color of your door, you can use a tinted or white primer. If the door is already a dark or bright color, you may want to use tinted to provide better coverage. Once the primer is completely dry, lightly sand the surface again.
  5. Add paint! Using a small paint roller (a six-inch one is recommended), cover the door with paint across all flat surfaces. Next, apply a second coat with a brush to add a hand-painted texture.
  6. Allow drying time. Follow the directions on the can of paint to determine how long the door must dry before returning knobs and locks.

Once the paint is dry, you could update the hardware or add a seasonal wreath for even more festive touches. Watch the video below to learn more.

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