Planting a Garden

Planting a Garden

Having a home garden is a great way to spend some time outdoors and benefit from the reward of providing vegetables, flowers and herbs for your kitchen. Follow these simple steps for creating the perfect garden:

  1. Choose a great spot. Most vegetables and flowers need six to eight hours of full sun every day. Choose a spot on your property that will give your garden the sun exposure you need. If you have a mostly shaded yard, you may need to consider restricting your garden to these vegetables that will grow well in shade.
  2. Decide on your garden type. If you are building a raised bed or vertical garden, it’s likely that not much work will have to be done to the ground itself. However, if you are planting your garden directly into the ground, you will need to rid the area of any sod, grass or other plants before you begin the planting process.
  3. Improve and work the soil. If you are planting directly into the ground, you will want to add a few inches of compost to the area where you are looking to plant. You will then need to till the area to give the roots of the plants the ability to access the water and nutrients from the earth. To learn more about preparing the area, click here.
  4. Choose plants and plant them. Go with plants that are best suited for the time of year you are planting and the climate of your yard. For a guide on choosing the best plants, click here. Once you have found the perfect plants for your garden, dig holes and plant them. For tips on planting your crops, click here.
  5. Feed and water your garden. Once you’ve planted your garden, you will want to make sure you are taking care of it daily. While the plants are small, you will need to water them each day so they don’t dry out. As the plants grow, it won’t be necessary to water them quite as often. If the soil three to four inches below the surface feels dry, it is probably time to water.

For more tips on growing the perfect garden, click here.

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