• Reviews for Brad Greenleaf

    William K

    May 14,2021

    Brad educated me and managed my expectations at every step along the way. He was also incredibly easy to reach by phone and email. We have purchased around 10 houses over the years, and working with Brad and his team was the most pleasant experience of them all. He also went the extra mile to get our loan clear to close when an obscure HOA insurance issue raised it's head at the last minute and threatened to derail everything. Excellent service overall.

  • Patricia R

    May 1,2021

    Brad was very knowledgeable and very responsive to our questions. He kept up with everything we needed to do and always treated us with patience and respect.

  • ADAM S

    April 19,2021

    Brad and his team were always willing to answer our questions and settle our concerns. They made the home buying process much less stressful than what we first imagined. I would highly recommend Brad and Fairway for your mortgage needs.

  • Curry B

    April 9,2021

    Transparency, Brad communicated well on every option available. Great service and timely. Nothing was behind on his part.

  • Karen M

    April 4,2021

    Brad constantly updated me with the whole process by emails, text and calls. He's honest and could handle every situation that came up.

  • John L

    March 23,2021

    Brad's communication was spot on. He kept us in the loop before most questions popped up. For the minor issues that arose along the way, Brad was on top of it and handled it quickly and efficiently reducing our stress level. So to recap, in a world where people are failing to communicate appropriately, Brad excels.

  • Kimberly L

    March 23,2021

    Brad is one of the best we have done business with. There was excellent communication and great follow through! I felt like we had the best team working with us to get the job done!

  • Carol-Ann S

    March 14,2021

    Brad and his team were patient and informative and it was easy to communicate with them. They returned calls promptly. They walked me through every step of my home buying process - explaining everything in a way I could understand, so I could explain everything to my Mom who is my co borrower. They made me feel comfortable to ask as many questions as I needed.

  • Genise H

    March 13,2021

    Brad looked at all the way options for what I was trying to accomplish by refinancing. He gave us very knowledgeable and provided sound advice that I knew I could trust. He took me through each step of the process so I didn’t get lost or forget documents I needed to submit to stay on track with the closing. Thw entire experience was fantastic and super easy. Thanks Brad

  • Shawn G

    March 11,2021

    Brad was very friendly and helpful throughout my entire buying experience. He always answered the phone when I called and if he was busy he would call me back within a few minutes. He made this whole hectic house buying process very pleasant. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family

  • Jasmine P

    March 4,2021

    Brad and his team are always so pleasant and professional. The process was smooth and painless!

  • Adly J

    March 2,2021

    Brad was very informative and always answered my questions. Excellent customer service and I did not feel like a number, I felt like a person.

  • David C

    February 26,2021

    Brad was proactive and an invaluable advisor throughout the process. The consummate professional who is an expert in his field. On a scale of 1 to 10 Brad was an 11.

  • Gloria G

    February 16,2021

    Brad and his team give the best customer service! They kept me updated at every phase. The online portal makes everything so easy. I tend to ask a lot of questions because I'm really not savvy with all the mortgage stuff. Brad and his team were so patient and always responded quickly to all of my questions. If you are shopping for a mortgage or refinancing please call Brad. He is trustworthy. And that is so hard to find these days. I am so very grateful for Brad Greenleaf.

  • Ryan B

    February 11,2021

    Consistent with great communication and never felt rushed on the phone. 2nd timing using their services and will come back for the 3rd.

  • Robert L

    January 23,2021

    Great communication and made the process easy.

  • Aundrea L

    January 20,2021

    Brad is a Mortgage Advisor-in my opinion he has earned the title as such. Brad has been the foundation of all of our real estate transactions and success here in South Florida for 20 years. Thank you Brad!!

  • Domingo M

    January 19,2021

    Brad and Michelle were so patient with me throughout the process. I never was left in the dark about anything. They provided daily updates and showed they truly cared to assist me and my wife. Michelle truly is God sent, because she made it work and I will be forever greatful. I don't know what happens behind the scenes but I know it's a lot. Thank you Brad and Michelle for such a wonderful experience.

  • Cindy M

    January 19,2021

    Brad and his team are very helpful throughout the process. They kept my husband and I well informed. We never once had to ask questions, because of the constant communication. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

  • John M

    January 7,2021

    Quick personal attention

  • Terra G

    January 4,2021

    The closing process was confusing, unorganized, and left us frustrated mast of the process. A lot of things were overlooked by Fairway, and I was extremely disappointed to have extended our closing date. The most upsetting news was getting a call at 6:30 pm. Before our closing date telling us to cancel all plans to move to our new house because Fairway didn't have their paperwork I'm order yet.

  • Fynn M

    January 1,2021

    Brad was great at explaining the process of financing my new home, I can tell he's very knowledgeable, and I felt like he has done his best to get me the best rates and prices available. I also had a number of issues getting condo approval, and he went above and beyond to get those issues resolved.

  • Thomas A

    December 20,2020

    Be transparent about ones capabilities. Seem to lack experience with jumbo loans. Have a “checklist” upfront about potential issues that may slow the process, so that things can be resolved proactively. Don’t put people back in line for 45 days each time there is a delay.

  • Matthew P

    December 2,2020

    Brad and team did an amazing job. They always kept me well informed every step along the way. Each person was knowledgeable, friendly and very timely with all communication. I could not be more pleased with my experience.

  • Shannon G

    October 25,2020

    Brad and his team. They were very helpful with all my questions & concerns.

  • Monica M

    October 13,2020

    Second time working with Brad; very professional and friendly. Brad and his team are the best! Thanks to their hard work we got our new home in 3 weeks!

  • Kevin D

    October 1,2020

    Everything went perfectly. Great and timely communication. Very knowledgeable. I could not be more pleased.

  • Catalina R

    September 28,2020

    From the beginning Brad kept me informed about the entire process. The communication was excellent and everyone on the team was very professional and efficient. VERY happy with the entire process.

  • Lorraine C

    August 26,2020

    It was easy to work with Brad but subsequently communication between all of the parties was often confusing and sometimes erroneous. It certainly would be easier to deal with a better system of communication between all of the parties. Some communication would go to my son without including me and then I would be included in others and have the missed the point because I was not included in all of the communication. Anyway, it’s over. I’m grateful for all you’ve done

  • Thomas R

    August 19,2020

    Brad was on top of everything. Gave me great advice and showed me how to best navigate the complicated process we have to buying a home. Top marks from me.

  • Ricardo M

    August 13,2020


  • Magaley S

    August 1,2020

    Brad is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. He took time to explain everything to us so that we never felt lost. There were no hidden surprises and he truly exceeded our expectations. You can tell he loves his job and his clients. My husband and I are grateful for Brad and his team for helping turn our dream of owning a home into a reality.

  • Mark W

    July 15,2020

    Process went flawlessly - thanks to Brad and his team.

  • Sabrina D

    July 13,2020

    Being a first time home buyer with little to no knowledge the service at Fairway was nothing but great. Everyone was very helpful and understanding. Definitely a company to work with!

  • Maria P

    July 4,2020

    “We are from California and were buying a condo as a second home in Florida. We found the perfect fit but needed to move fast because we were leaving to go home in a couple of weeks. Our Realtor suggested that we call Brad. Brad and his team were great to work with they were always available, explained all of our options and all of the potential obstacles. I am happy to say we received our final loan approval in 11 days and closed in record time. Thank you so much to Brad and his team!!

  • Kevin P

    July 1,2020

    We are from California and were buying a condo as a second home in Florida. We found the perfect fit but needed to move fast because we were leaving to go home in a couple of weeks. Our Realtor suggested that we call Brad. Brad and his team were great to work with they were always available, explained all of our options and all of the potential obstacles. I am happy to say we received our final loan approval in 11 days and closed in record time. Thanks, Brad!

  • Vanessa U

    June 12,2020

    Easy to reach Fast to respond Explains things that are difficult to understand Friendly and professional

  • Laura F

    May 27,2020

    This is the second time I’ve used Brad Greenleaf as he pays extra attention to details and will call you anytime of day to assure you when going through the process.

  • John T

    April 20,2020

    The personalized service. I felt like they were always working for my best interest. They also simplified the things I didn’t understand.

  • Aldo S

    April 9,2020

    Simple and customer focus experience.

  • John D

    March 26,2020

    Prompt, and attentive, professional service

  • Joanne B

    March 8,2020

    Brad never ceases to amaze me. Brad was always available and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I didn’t expect him to work on the weekends, especially on a Sunday, but Brad was in the office trying to get my loan finalized. I don’t think I would have closed on my house without him and I am forever grateful.

  • Vivian M

    February 25,2020

    Brad Greenleaf has been committed to providing clients with supreme quality home loans combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates available in Florida for the past 20 years. His incredible loan-to-application approval ratio has been earned by exceeding customer expectations, providing great service and emphasizing constant communication.

  • Maurice S

    February 19,2020

    Brad was prompt, efficient, and quick. The entire team made getting a loan and approved painless and seamless.

  • Francis R

    February 7,2020

    We had so many questions, and no matter how many times we needed to call, Brad had time to answer everyone. He kept us up to date on everything as it happened. We did work briefly with a couple of his team but mostly with Brad and we could not have been happier. We would not hesitate to refer our family and friends to him.

  • Donald S

    February 5,2020

    The "attention to detail" that Brad provided to us.

  • Hilana M

    February 3,2020

    Brad and his entire team were very professional and incredibly helpful! Brad was amazing to work with on my refinance. He was always available and quick to respond to all questions especially given the fact that I had a difficult situation . He did a lot of research to find me the best product . He goes ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure everything is delivered as promised . Words can't express how much I appreciate his service and dedication.

  • Thomas S

    January 17,2020

    I was not happy with the rates and payment quotes I had been receiving for a condo that I wanted to purchase, so I was referred to Brad through my Realtor. Brad found a great loan for us, without which we could have not have done this deal, and the loan process went very smoothly because he managed it like a true pro. Additionally, his preliminary closing cost estimates were accurate and thorough, so there were no unpleasant surprises at closing. Thanks Brad!

  • Jessi B

    December 13,2019

    Brad Greenleaf at Fairway Independent Mortgage was awesome. He is extremely attentive to accuracy and detail. He walks you through the entire home buying process. He keeps in constant contact with via email, text and phone calls. He has a open line of communication. The office staff also has an open line of communication. They made the process as easy as possible especially since this was our first time buying a home. I would recommend Brad and his team to anyone interested in buying a home.

  • Jason J

    September 16,2019


  • Tamara V

    September 14,2019

    Brad was very personable. For a first time home buyer, he broke down information in very digestible bites and made his videos and documents very user friendly.

  • Betty V

    September 11,2019

    Very knowledgeable about all different options and he takes the time to explain every one. He was very professional and explained each step of the mortgage process with detail. He is easy to get a hold of and is very responsive to emails and voicemails. He made this entire process so seamless. Thank you for all your efforts.

  • Charles M

    August 21,2019

    Brad and Team were great throughout the entire process. What I was most impressed with was his tool he uses to breakdown all of the various loan options I could do (different down payment percentages, points, etc) to find the best loan for me. Communication via e-mail and text were also accurate and expedient.

  • Jo A

    August 7,2019

    Brad's dedication and consistency is what made my experience great! He is passionate at what he does and made sure that he did everything he possibly could for me to close on my house in 15 days. It was nice to work with him and I will definitely recommend my family and friends. I look forward to working with him in the future.

  • Daniel V

    July 17,2019

    You can tell Brad has decades of experience and is a extremely knowledgeable. He always kept an open line of communication with us and we had immediate responses to any questions that arose.

  • David S

    June 16,2019

    Brad and his team were always there to assist me in the overall loan experience !

  • William J

    June 2,2019

    Great communication throughout the loan process. Lender did great taking the time to explain everything.

  • Edward W

    June 1,2019

    Great experience from the initial phone when Brad went through the nuances of buying a condo In Florida. I learned several things on the first call that made it an easy choice to use him as our lender. Brad and the rest of the mortgage team were thorough and kept engaged during the whole process.

  • Donald S

    April 11,2019

    We were kept up to date on all phases of the transaction. Brad made himself available to us whenever we had questions, and when busy schedules required additional attention his commitment to us went beyond normal business hours.

  • Pamela S

    April 7,2019

    The entire process was professional with flawless communication and follow up.

  • David W

    March 5,2019

    Brad did an excellent job explaining every detail along the way. He really took the time to help further educate me with this decision.

  • Manuel M

    February 27,2019

    Brad made the loan process pleasant and he always kept us informed of next steps. We felt very informed at all times. He was very accessible anytime we had a question. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

  • Ivette O

    February 26,2019

    Brad and his team are prompt and don’t hesitate to explain in detail anything that you need to know. He educates you while providing 5 star service with a smile. I’ve recommended him to friends and family and they all share the same sentiment! I will continue using Brad for my mortgage needs!

  • Michael H

    February 17,2019

    Brad Greenleaf is the most knowledgeable mortgage broker we have had the pleasure to work with in fifty plus years of buying and selling houses. We decided to use our VA eligibility on this recent purchase, and he is an expert on the benefits that Veterans are entitled to and insures that they have the information they need to receive them. I would rate him in the top one percent of brokers in his knowledge of the process and his ability to complete it on schedule and, in our case, early!

  • Arthur W

    January 29,2019

    Brad was an excellent person to work with. He made the experience to be very pleasant and less frustrating. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Christopher Y

    January 17,2019

    Brad makes a stressful process painless and what he tells you he can do he delivers

  • Tania L

    January 7,2019

    I didn’t think owning a home was possible until a friend of mine told me to call Brad. Brad explained to me the process and what steps I would need to complete to make it happen. He and his team were great through the entire process. Brad communicated and worked seamlessly with our Realtor and Attorney and closed on my home in record time. I couldn't possibly put into words. BUT...thank you, thank you, thank you...a million times...thank you! Honest and professional Honest and professional 100%!

  • Grace J

    November 20,2018

    Brad was attentive, informative and communicated every step of the way. My family is very appreciative of Brad's dedication to performing at a very high level. In addition, Brad is a consummate professional and I enjoyed my interaction with him. I look forward to working with Brad in the future and highly recommend him!!

  • Steven d

    November 14,2018

    The entire process was smooth from start to finish! Everyone on Brad’s team is professional and extremely proficient at their job. Communication from Brad’s whole team is excellent. They worked seamlessly with our realtor and attorney. Brad’s network of professionals is impressive; anyone you need from an appraiser, to an insoection company, to an insurance agent...he’s got you covered! Highly recommend!

  • John T

    October 26,2018

    Me. Greenleaf is incredibly professional in the way he explains things ina way the consumer can understand. He also is always available to give assistance.

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