• Reviews for Donn Rubin

    Yigal A

    May 6,2021

    The combination of timely responses and communication, pleasant personal and automated tooling like doc portal and payments.

  • Stephen H

    April 30,2021

    The process was seamless from he beginning to end. Precise instructions. Great accessibility to Donn. He kept us informed throughout the process, which did not take very long. We closed on the date promised. Awesome team 👏

  • Shantel T

    April 30,2021

    The communication was exceptional. The information provided was accurate. Donn answers all questions no matter how stupid it may sound. The processing was quick. The overall team was very fascilitative. Wonderful experience working with them.

  • Eric

    April 29,2021

    This was my second opportunity to work with Donn and his Fairway team. From day one, he was extremely prompt with communication and always available to answer questions. His customer experience ethic is unrivaled in my past dealings with mortgage lenders. If you’re thinking about working with a highly qualified professional, look no further than Donn!

  • Greg B

    April 13,2021

    Precision and promptness was just the beginning of this wonderful experience. Donn cared about our situation and goals. He was engaging and enjoyable.

  • Steven R

    March 20,2021

    Excellent service. The whole process was very good, I never got stressed out going through the process, closing was on time. Donn was very good to work with. I highly recommend contacting him

  • sroy1310

    March 15,2021

    Donn was excellent to work with, there was never any stress during this process. He kept me updated along the way and closing was on time. Having been through this process before, this was by far the easiest I’ve ever used. I highly recommend contacting Donn for you loan needs

  • Matthew L

    March 9,2021

    The communication I received from Don and his team, along with their professionalism and personal care explaining everything out to a new home owner was unparalleled. No other person or team to go with but this one.

  • Inbar L

    March 3,2021

    The service, the communications levels everything was just super easy. Very professional person answered all of my questions. Highly recommend

  • inbar6

    March 2,2021

    Donn is vert professional in what he is doing, everything was so easy, the communication levels were very high, always answered all of my questions never had to wait more that a few minutes for emails, he gave me a closing date and that was it, with no delays, I highly recommend him

  • Juan B

    February 26,2021

    We were very pleased with the whole process. Good communication all the time.

  • Juan U

    February 26,2021

    The whole process was very fast

  • Edith L

    February 16,2021

    If you are interested in refinancing or a new mortgage for your dream home, please contact Donn Rubin at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (954)626-6408. He is honest and extremely qualified to answer all your questions and concerns. Donn provided all the information and facts to easily manage my mortgage with advice and in a professional manner. Thanks to a great mortgage lender!

  • Charles G

    February 11,2021

    Made the entire process easy. Very pleasant

  • George D

    February 4,2021

    He and his team were able to turn a complicated loan process into closing on time without any issues.

  • Herbert S

    January 10,2021

    Great communication

  • Joseph S

    January 5,2021

    Working with Donn is always a pleasure! He makes everything easy to understand and gets you through the more painful steps effortlessly. We are grateful for all of his hard work and expert advice!

  • psting037

    January 5,2021

    Donn Rubin is very professional and knowledgeable. He manages to complete every transaction, even the more painful steps, with ease. We are grateful for his hard work and expertise.

  • Jeffrey S

    December 10,2020

    My experience with Donn Rubin and Fairway mortgage was top notch. From start to finish all communication was clear and concise and I was kept updated on every requirement needed and as to the status of my loan approval.

  • Lynn B

    December 9,2020

    Donn Rubin and Fairway have assisted me twice in securing a mortgage, first to purchase my home and then 4 years later to refinance. Donn is knowledgeable, efficient, professional and kind. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of a mortgage.

  • Jean B

    November 5,2020

    Donn was very efficient, fast and very knowledgeable. He made the process easy and less stressful for us. I really appreciate Donn.

  • Christopher P

    November 4,2020

    When obtaining a mortgage, you want to work with someone who knows the business and that you can trust. Donn Rubin is that someone. He knows what he is doing, is clear and communicative at every step in the process, and really puts in the work to get the best rate possible. I could not be more pleased with Donn, who helped me get to "clear to close" in under 30 days with an amazing rate. There is no other person that I would consider working with.

  • Rhonda L

    October 27,2020

    Donn was very good with communication and making sure all the steps were taken at the right time.

  • Christopher R

    September 13,2020

    DONN!! Was AMAZING. He was very knowledgeable and was on top of everything. Donn always picked up the phone and was there to answer any question I had about the process. My realtor and even the seller mentioned how great Donn was, If I ever had to do this home buying process again it will only be with Donn Rubin.

  • lebeux954

    September 11,2020

    Very knowledgeable on the documents needed for this procedure, how to obtain them, and the reason for them, and who to contact to get them and scanned to him

  • Jim F

    August 26,2020

    I had the good fortune of having Donn Rubin and his team organize a reverse mortgage for me. I really didn't know how a reverse mortgage works and only remember hearing negative things about them. Donn spent a lot of time explaining the process and procedures of a reverse mortgage to me. He was always ready to answer any question or concern I had. He made the experience easy and manageable! I have complete confidence in Donn, and with his assistance I've made the right choice for me and my family.

  • Alexis S

    July 20,2020

    You and your team are honest and are always available to answer any questions. It is truly a pleasure. Thanks, Alex

  • Oren K

    June 25,2020

    Donn Rubin and the entire Fairway and closing team were excellent in their service, attention to detail, thinking ahead and ensuring everything went as planned and on time. thank you!

  • Michal

    June 25,2020

    Donn and the entire team were really great. Their attention to detail, timeline and requirements were beyond expectations. Thank you! Thank you thank you!

  • Sheldon L

    June 16,2020

    Donn made it great.

  • Oscar A

    June 15,2020

    Don and his staff of experts are simply the best. They are knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. They keep you informed on the process and status of your transaction from start to finish. Love the technology they use to make the process seamless and secure.

  • Jason H

    June 14,2020

    This is my second loan with Donn. He is extremely courteous and its very obvious he's more than competent at his job. My refinance was the most painless thing i've done in the last three months!!! His associates where polite and worked with a sense of urgency, I appreciated that very much. I'm sure there will be many more loans with Donn and Fairway !!!! Jason T Hickey

  • Patricia G

    June 11,2020

    My experience with Donn Rubin was excellent. He directed the process of gathering information and preparing my loan. He called regularly and responded to questions in a timely manner. I am satisfied with the professional dedication shown during this process.. I would recommend Donn Rubin to my family and my friends. I appreciate his professional service. I appreciated hearing about the progress of the loan regularly. The entire team worked on my behalf. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Gary K

    May 28,2020

    Donn's professionalism and follow up

  • Liz &

    May 19,2020

    As I first time homebuyer, I Had a lot of questions and Donn Rubin was the most gracious, knowledgeable, ultimate professional! He held my hand and walked me through each scenario. Every single person he connected me with were so amazing. Smoothest Process Ever, even in the Midst of a Pandemic transaction was flawless because The Best of the Best was guiding us! Thank You Donn for everything! You are The Best of The BEST!!!!!

  • Jorge C

    May 9,2020

    Donn is highly experienced, knowledgable, and effective. He is also very clear and direct in his communications (which makes all transactions simpler and more productive). In addition to his technical skills, Donn is personable and respectful. I recommend him without hesitation.

  • cubi401

    May 6,2020

    Donn has in-depth knowledge and experience with home lending. He was able to provide a sober assessment of my case and to offer helpful guidance throughout the different stages of the mortgage application process. His communications were clear, prompt, and supportive. More than a "loan officer", Donn acted as a helpful mortgage advisor (someone who cared about the human being at the other end of the transaction). I will highly recommend him to other colleagues considering home purchases in Southern Florida.

  • Edgar G

    April 21,2020

    Donn Was always accessible, easy to reach, and always upfront and direct about everything.

  • William T

    April 14,2020

    Donn followed through, and expedited the program in record time. He’s a great person to deal with, & has a great sense of humor!

  • eric02864

    March 27,2020

    Without doubt, Donn Rubin is THE Mortgage Lender you want to work with. He knows the industry and the market inside out! And he’s friendly and professional. I’ve bought and sold six homes/condo over the decades and my experience with Donn and his Fairway Team was incomparable!

  • Eric T

    March 11,2020

    Donn and his “closer” Michelle were beyond amazing. From the get go, Donn created time (actually ANY time) to answer my naive questions, to provide constant (and appreciated) feedback about the loan approval process, and to reassure me when I was unnecessarily concerned about loan matters. He (and Michelle ) did this with integrity and character. Both of them are the epitome of thoughtful professionalism.

  • Brian D

    March 5,2020

    Such a pleasure to work with, very organized. Made every thing so easy and seamless. Was always available to answer any and every question

  • Saed S

    December 26,2019

    Fairway were incredibly professional and knowledgeable, I would have never got approved without the continued support I received from Donn Rubin and his excellent teammates who made this process seamless and easy, Thank you Donn and Thank you Fairway team for the outstanding help and for managing the process so professional.

  • Saed S

    December 26,2019

    Donn Rubin is VERY professional and knowledgeable, and with his help, I managed to get a mortgage in literally no time overcoming many difficulties that cannot be detailed here, all I can say is that I owe Donn and his team a huge THANK YOU for supporting and advising and making this process so seamless and easy. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

  • Gianpiero S

    October 11,2019

    Excellent service

  • Pasco L

    September 14,2019

    Everything was a sexpected. There were no surprises. The whole transaction from application to closing was 30 days, perfect.

  • Jeffrey L

    August 28,2019

    Very professional and a pleasure to work with. He always kept us up to date and was always available to us when we had questions.

  • Anthony M

    August 14,2019

    Donn is always one step ahead. He anticipates what is required. Friendly,yet professional, he gets the application processed quickly. I would recommend him without reservation.

  • Ronald R

    August 9,2019

    Donn and his team are an absolute pleasure to do business with. Donn collects information gets a complete grasp of what you’re trying to accomplish and executes. Would recommend Donn and his team to anybody .

  • ccirisano

    August 8,2019

    Donn was very attentive and helpful with any questions I had. I am a first time home buyer so it was a very stressful process but Donn and his team took great care of me. I was grateful for a family members recommendation for him! I think I had the best experience possible with fairway. Thank you!

  • Caroline C

    August 6,2019

    Very helpful and truly looked out for my best interest!

  • Loren U

    July 20,2019

    Donn was very timely and informative with status updates along with adding his own personal touch and knowledge which made the whole process pleasant and smooth. I would highly recommend Donn Rubin.

  • Frank A

    May 5,2019

    Donn is a wonderful person who helped us understand all the intricacies that went into this. He explained everything in great detail and provided exceptional service. Thanks, Donn!!

  • Michele W

    April 9,2019

    At every single step of the process I was kept completely updated. The diligence and communication from Donn and his team is first class and the overall experience was the best I have had. I would highly recommend this team to anyone in the market !

  • Ion V

    February 26,2019

    Donn made this process extremely easy and smooth. We have worked with other mortgage brokers before and i have to say that Donn took it to another level. We strongly recommend him for any mortgage needs. Thank You Donn.

  • Mary D

    February 16,2019

    Donn helped us every step of the way with his expertise!

  • Barbara S

    February 13,2019

    Smooth, accurate and most pleasant. Donn Rubin is the epitome of professionalism and his team makes you feel you are the only, best client they have. Highly recommend.

  • Pamela S

    January 19,2019

    Buying a home and applying for a mortgage can be a very stressful experience because there are so many unknowns. Donn Rubin completely eliminated my stress by providing informative updates and clear directions every step of the way. If I did have any questions, Donn was readily available to give me direct answers by phone, email and/or text - sometimes all 3 to make sure I had exactly what I needed to remain calm throughout the process! I highly recommend Donn Rubin for your mortgage needs!

  • Pam S

    January 19,2019

    Buying a home and applying for a mortgage can be a very stressful experience because there are so many unknowns. Donn Rubin completely eliminated my stress by providing informative updates and clear directions every step of the way. If I did have any questions, Donn was readily available to give me direct answers by phone, email and/or text - sometimes all 3 to make sure I had exactly what I needed to remain calm throughout the process! I highly recommend Donn Rubin for your mortgage needs!

  • Armando L

    January 17,2019

    Donn kept me informed throughout the loan process. He reached out by phone several times to assure me he was overseeing my loan’s forward process which made me feel he took a genuine interest. He was professional with a very personable touch

  • Michael S

    January 12,2019

    Donn Rubin is the man! He thoroughly explained everything to us. Walked us through the entire process. He will be hearing from my friends in the future. Hope he never retires so he can help us on our next loan. Thanks for everything!

  • Lisa S

    January 10,2019

    He walked us through the entire process. Worked around the clock even through the holidays to get our loan funded and kept us informed the entire time. Don will definitely get many refferals from us! Besides his expertise, he is one of the nicest people to work with! His team worked really hard as well! (Billy & everyone on the team) great company to deal with! Thank you so much!!

  • Adriana O

    January 7,2019

    Closing a home and getting a mortgage can become a nightmare if you work with someone you don’t trust, but fortunately I didn’t have any problems. It was a pleasure working with Don. Besides of being very knowledgeable in his Business, he definitely puts customer first in all opportunities. He patiently explained all the details we requested as many times as needed and as a result the closing of our home was very smooth and without surprises. I definitely recommend him.

  • Daniel P

    December 23,2018

    The care and commitment to getting my loan closed.

  • Noel D

    December 6,2018

    Donn was very professional, helpful, always available and super friendly. Made the process of a loan experience seamless and easy.

  • banexdebrito

    December 5,2018

    Our experience with Donn was great!! Very professional, easy to work with, always available and very helpful and super friendly too!! Loved working with him on our loan!

  • user10567600

    November 5,2018

    Donn and his team a true professionals. They work hard to find you the best loan for you. They are transparent every step of the way. They have en extremely efficient team that will make sure you are ready to close.

  • Alexis S

    November 2,2018

    Donn and his staff are amazing. They are extremely efficient and transparent. I highly recommend Donn and if I ever buy another property I will definitely use them again.

  • Jeffrey S

    October 23,2018

    Donn And the team at Fairway were constantly in touch. The ability to review and sign documents on thei website made it very easy experience. Everyone was always available by phone or text or answer questions. I went from mortgage application to approval to closing in about two weeks. Never have I had such a seamless and pleasant experience with a mortgage.

  • kempler33

    September 13,2018

    Unfortunately, I had worked with two other mortgage brokers prior to calling Donn. Those others were not particularly helpful in finding the right product for me. Donn turned a difficult situation into a breeze! I am so grateful for his help in securing just the right loan for my need.

  • Gary K

    September 11,2018

    Donn was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in his guidance

  • Charlie C

    July 25,2018

    The follow up on things needed prior to the closing and the availability of Donn after the sale.

  • Courtney C

    July 20,2018

    In the beginning our loan originator Donn Rubin was very helpful and friendly but once we paid for the appraisal and started asking questions about the approval of the second mortgage, the experience totally changed. Also in the end we didn't get the loan as promised and the rate was also higher as originally promised. If Donn would have communicated honestly that the promised loan scenario wasn’t possible as offered by him (instead of covering the truth for 11 days), we would have probably

  • David P

    June 3,2018

    Helpful, quick, and knowledgeable - made the experience a great one.

  • Steven M

    June 2,2018

    Donn, Was good and knowledgeable able the laws. With an agent he is the best I’ve found. However in south Florida it’s hard to find a good title company.

  • Iva H

    May 8,2018

    Donn was great from start to finish I was always kept in the loop of the procedures. This was the best experience 5-star service. I would highly recommend him

  • rlamont7

    March 1,2018

    Donn and his team are great. Since we are out of state buyers, somehow they made it all work easily and on time for us. Donn came to the closing. He is very kind. Don't miss out working with him!................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Thanks Donn!

  • robertbtatz

    February 2,2016

    Donn was helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. Whenever I had questions, they were answered in a timely manner. Donn is a true professional and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a home or refinance.

  • user8232683

    November 17,2015

    I must say, Donn and his entire team were "on the ball". They acted quickly and let me know all my options and where we were every step of the way. I cannot recommend them enough. I never felt I had any surprises! The were all so very professional and nice! Donn gave me several great networking contacts to get other things done related to my new home like insurance, tax help, inspectors, etc.

  • ralph m

    November 5,2015

    Donn and his team were amazing! This was a refinance for us and our original lender was a nightmare. I wish we would have gone with Donn for he first loan! Everything was so smooth and stress free. I highly recommend them!

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