• Reviews for James Tyrrell

    James A

    March 30,2021

    Bravo Zulu to James!

  • Jason C

    March 27,2021

    Literally disappeared after consult. Someone else had to pick up the file. Brian and team are great. James almost killed my deal.

  • Catherine T

    March 17,2021

    Very professional and courteous

  • Emma R

    March 10,2021

    The dynamics and patience to answer all my questions, many times repeated questions. I was nervous, since it's the first time I'm buying a home by myself. I felt a great team support.

  • Bruce H

    February 16,2021

    The entire process was seamless and closing was quick.

  • Chavaun I

    February 15,2021

    James was very knowledgeable and informative. He was very attentive and walked me through the process and answered every question that I had. He made this process less stressful.

  • Laura P

    February 5,2021

    Really appreciate that he took the time to walk us through the whole process and worked around our busy schedule, would highly recommend to anyone looking to refinance!

  • Pedro O

    February 3,2021

    James and his team professionalism is exceptional, I bought my house in 2018 and now I refinance my house and both times they were excellent

  • Robert P

    February 3,2021

    The fairway team made my overall experience very easy, and they were available with any question I had.

  • ljwittmann

    January 26,2021

    James was recommended to me by a coworker who had just refinanced and I couldn't be happier that we ended up refinancing with him, he was so attentive to all of our questions and walked us through the whole process which was much needed, especially since this was my first refinance. He was even able to arrange to have someone come to my house for the closing which was great for my tight schedule. I've already recommended him to several people I know that are thinking of refinancing!

  • Arthur I

    January 24,2021

    Smooth and successful

  • Harrinarain P

    December 25,2020

    Everyone was very helpful

  • Jonnu S

    October 10,2020

    Always prompt and informative. Kept me up to date on everything I needed to know. Great experience

  • Patricia A

    October 8,2020

    James was very attentive to our needs, always available and willing to go above and beyond.

  • metsland1

    October 8,2020

    My wife and I were interested in purchasing property in Delray Beach. We were put in contact with James Tyrrell. James patiently worked through several scenarios and options for us to get the deal done. We closed without any issues. We highly recommend James Tyrrell for all your Lender needs. James is a tireless worker who puts his customers first! He is the best!!

  • Josiane M

    September 29,2020

    As a self employed things are more difficult, but James made my dream comes true, and for me it is priceless!

  • zuser201412311400542

    September 28,2020

    We have some delays that i was not expecting, but since I am a self employed, things are more complicated. Overall, I am VERY happy with their services. They are friendly, professional, nice! They made my dream come true, and for me it is priceless!!

  • Richard B

    September 19,2020

    One of the best out there. This was my second Mortgage with him and I plan to always you him in the future. Highly recommended Rick

  • Carl F

    August 11,2020

    James was a pleasure to work with, he always returned my calls and kept me posted throughout the process. He is very knowledgeable and respectful. Thank you for your great work James.

  • Charles M

    July 3,2020

    As stated James.and his team were very professional. Loan approved in a timely manner. Closing went very well. Thanks to all involved! Charlie M

  • Andrew H

    July 2,2020

    From start to finish, James stayed engaged and responsive. This made the refinance process a worry-free breeze. Additionally, James was able to find cost savings in several different places that other brokers previously hadn't! I know 100% that James will be my go-to for any future mortgage needs 🙂

  • Randi C

    July 2,2020

    Quick answers, great service. Overall a very smooth process!

  • athattaway

    July 2,2020

    From start to finish, James stayed engaged and responsive. This made the refinance process a worry-free breeze. Additionally, James was able to find cost savings in several different places that other brokers previously hadn't! I know 100% that James will be my go-to for any future mortgage needs 🙂

  • Diana D

    June 30,2020

    Great to work with

  • Daniel F

    June 6,2020

    Always available and informative

  • Misael D

    May 11,2020

    Better communication and honesty

  • Richard C

    April 11,2020

    personalized service quick response time numbers true and factual

  • Michael W

    March 9,2020

    Information, reassuring and communicative

  • Mike W

    March 3,2020

    James and his team were very knowledgeable, made everything simple to understand and most importantly, guided me toward loan approval. I would definitely recommend them to any friends or colleagues!

  • Shannon H

    January 12,2020

    Jimmy is a great, honest businessman. I love working with him. He and his team makes the process easy.

  • Jennifer G

    January 12,2020

    This is the second time I worked with James.My sister also worked with James.James is a very kind considerate person.He is always available.He explained every step of the process to me in the way I could understand it! He's definitely the person you want in your corner!I would recommended him to anyone I meet!

  • Angela K

    January 10,2020

    Easy to talk to, answered all our questions.

  • Steven K

    January 10,2020

    It's a difficult process purchasing a home, more difficult when you are buying from an owner not a realtor. it was frustrating to keep reminding people of the fact. The fees are vast and expensive, and overall it was a very trying & frustrating process to go through. James did alright answering our many questions, I'm just thankful it is done and over with.

  • Valencia M

    January 10,2020

    The outstanding communication. I knew what was happening every step of the process. I also loved that there was an entire team working for me. Every member of the team was courteous and informative. Instructions were clear and concise. Just the right amount of the use of technology. Very convenient, easy to use and still received personal one on one attention. EXCEEDED my expectations!

  • Ezequiel C

    January 3,2020

    It was a good experience.

  • Jason R

    January 2,2020

    James was very helpful and extremely friendly through every step of the home buying process. He was available whenever needed for questions and even when he was on vacation. Superior customer service from James and his team. We’d highly recommend James and Fairway Independent Mortgage.

  • Maria a

    January 2,2020

    James was very helpful and extremely friendly through every step of the home buying process. He was available whenever needed for questions and even when he was on vacation. Superior customer service from James and his team. We’d highly recommend James and Fairway Independent Mortgage.

  • Craig R

    November 22,2019

    Really stuck with us through the whole process, easy to reach and talk to which was vital.

  • Luis L

    October 10,2019

    The Mortgage Processing is a complex adventure. undertaking such a task was a difficult desition on our behalf and my Wife and I knew it wasnt going to be easy. Having an Experienced and Professional Mortgage Especialist was our first Priority. James Tyrrell was our Best Pick. he Managed to do Incredible things to orquestrate our Loan and achived all our Goals.

  • Elise P

    September 29,2019

    Jim went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for keeping me calm! Your professionalism and kindness meant a lot to me. Thank you again!

  • Ernesto R

    September 25,2019

    Very nice person very professional and rapid response I will recommended really good service and super fast

  • Tina A

    September 22,2019

    James is what made my experience GREAT! James is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to make things right for me. James is the first person I have met in the lending industry that truly cares, how the outcome will affect me. James worked hard, and made himself available. James got me to closing, and seeing his genuine smile...I knew then that I made the right decision to choose James J Tyrrell III as my lender.

  • Alicia G

    September 13,2019

    James was very helpful in making sure I understood the home buying proces.

  • Jessica B

    September 13,2019

    James is an amazing person to work with. Helped us buy our dream home and held our hand until the very end. We are beyond grateful to have had the pleasure to work with such a qualified professional. Aside from being great at his job, he is also a very honest, kind and patient person. Even in our time of madness and stress during the process of house searching, he always managed to treat us kindly.

  • Jessica a

    September 4,2019

    James is absolutely incredible. Aside from being great at what he does, he is extremely patient, honest, kind and attentive. Although the loan process is very stressful, he holds your hand until the very end and makes sure that even if issues arise, he helps you take care of them. My husband and I had a great experience working with him in buying our house. Will most definitely continue working with him in the future. Rest assured, you’ll be in great hands.

  • Paul D

    August 18,2019

    As out of town buyers, James prepared us properly up front and helped guide us through the process, specifically as it relates to the state of Florida, to minimize the hurdles that are typical during a large acquisition.

  • John V

    August 15,2019

    James Tyrrell III James treated me like family he helped me through the whole process I will recommend him to all my friends he is the best he knows everything as I said before he guided me when I had questions he had the answers.

  • Ernesto N

    August 12,2019

    The process was so quick

  • Christine S

    August 8,2019

    james was very helpful with the whole process - we had a lot of delays on our part and he remained patient ! we thank james for making buying our dream house 🏡 possible !!!! christine & russell

  • Jose R

    July 16,2019

    The smoothness of the process, having everything integrated and covered, eases the pressure on the buyer, and ensures a better experience.

  • jruz87

    July 8,2019

    James hepled me and my wife through the process of buying our home and he gave us the confidence and guidance we needed by providing accurate advice and a very detailed and tailored attention. James and his team made look effortless the stressing process of home buying. I look forward to work with him in the future

  • Matthew K

    June 12,2019

    Mr. Tyrrell and his team helped me out during the whole process . I highly recommend him for anyone and will definitely go back in the future !!!

  • Harrinarain P

    May 30,2019

    James and his staff were awesome!!! beginning to end. Wish we had him when we purchased our first home. We will be doing business with him in the future!! Thank you James. We will be in touch with in the next 8 months.

  • Hratch N

    May 29,2019

    James is simply good at what he does. He says you're going to close on your close date. You will close on your close date.

  • John S

    May 14,2019

    James worked really hard to make sure we achieved the final result in the smoothest way that he could.

  • Julio R

    May 11,2019

    He an awesome person and straight to the point love great to work with him

  • Todd P

    May 3,2019

    James did a great job explaining Fairway's loan products and the various options I had to choose from.

  • Sara G

    April 29,2019

    Hands down the best. Jimmy was beyond attentive, supporting, and honest. He helped me step by step throughout the process. Such an amazing experience

  • Daniel F

    April 8,2019

    This is my second time using James Tyrrell. Once for a refinance and now for a new home and wouldn’t use anyone else in the future. James is always available for questions, informative, looking out for his clients.

  • marcsaintil01

    April 5,2019

    The team was extremely helpful and work with precision. This a team that can work with anyone. Their assistance was extremely wonderful. I’ll always recommend them to anyone. My experience with them make me want to buy another house because of their compassion. Again i want to thank James and his crew for their kindness.

  • Barton S

    March 14,2019

    James was proactive, he knew exactly what to do for our situation, he and his staff took care of everything, and walked me through the rough spots.

  • Marc S

    March 4,2019

    The awesome service that you guys provided. I want to say thanks to you and your team. Job well done

  • Marie S

    March 3,2019

    Everything went the way I expected. Thank you so much

  • bstrock1

    February 19,2019

    James was the best. He knew in advance what underwriting would ask for and had me have everything ready. The loan process went exactly as he said it would. His processing staff was on the ball with no hold ups or delays.

  • Umera H

    January 8,2019

    His expertise

  • Jennifer G

    December 23,2018

    Working with James made my refinance very pleasant! He made sure I understood everything.He was there for me every step of the way!!I would recommend him to everyone!

  • Lawrence S

    December 11,2018

    James understood the issues that we had and did everything he could to help us reach our goals.

  • Najla W

    December 9,2018

    Super knowledgeable and always available to answer questions

  • Najla

    December 4,2018

    James is very knowledgeable and can find a solution to any situation! My condo’s association initially did not approve me and stated that my credit score was below the minimum. This was not the case and James pulled through using his team to verify my score and prove I was eligible! He didn’t take no for answer and I appreciate him going the extra mile to help me close.

  • BUCK9723

    November 22,2018

    Jimmy and his team are great at what they do. He was accessible, informative, and reliable throught the entire process. I could not be happier with how everything went. Thanks Jimmy!

  • Noah F

    November 11,2018

    James is extremely knowledgeable and delivers exactly what he says.

  • Nathan B

    October 30,2018

    Jimmy had open communication full transparency and really worked hard to get me the best deal possible

  • Gail S

    October 23,2018

    James has positive energy and is exceptionally knowledgeable in this complicated mortgage world. He’s authentic. A pleasure to partner with fir my recent home refinance.

  • Carlos M

    October 19,2018

    Very humble and honest service from the entire team overall

  • Hyacinth F

    September 27,2018

    The timely and professional manner in which the entire process was handled.

  • shern73

    September 25,2018

    James Tyrrell,111 is a great excellent professional lender who went above and beyond to get me qualified for a loan.He was always available to answer all my questions always informing me on the progress of the loan.James gave me the assurance. We did close and James is still available to answer all my questions. James Tyrrell,111 is the best.I highly recommend my lender JamesTyrrell,111 Thank you againJames

  • Jose M

    September 15,2018

    James and his team were absolutely amazing. They are very professional they answered all my questions James and his team answer every time I called they never gave us the runaround. If we didn’t understand something they took their time to explain everything to us and most of all they made us feel like family they made us feel like we were in Important

  • Emily P

    August 20,2018

    Jimmy was very transparent about the entire process, and let us know exactly what needed to be done. He was available to answer any questions we had at any time.

  • Ailette F

    August 11,2018

    James is very professional, never promised anything, he just try to work the best with what he has making your loan as best as he can, I had a really good experience with him and I will recommended him to every people I know. Thank you James for all your help we are very grateful with you.

  • Jessica A

    August 10,2018

    My husband and I have been working with James for a couple years to find us the perfect home. James went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met and made the purchasing our first home such a pleasant experience. What would usually be a stressful and frustrating process he gracefully turned into a walk in the park for us! His professional and prompt services through the entire process was both admirable and appreciated! James is our guy, he is the cream of the crop!

  • user15918965

    August 6,2018

    jT is professional and is great at communicating throughout the whole process. He sets the expectations so you're not guessing on what is next or when the closing will happen. He makes the process easy. THANKS JT!!

  • PerryA

    August 4,2018

    James J Tyrrell, III Is one of the most Profesional Mortgae Brokers I’ve met . He Communicaties with his clients from the start of the loan process through closing . I’d refe James J Tyrrell, III to anyone who is seeking a residential primary and or investment property!

  • Nicholas G

    August 3,2018

    Through out the whole process James was always keeping in touch and there with answers for any questions I had. Everything was extremely smooth from beginning to end thanks to James.

  • Janice S

    July 31,2018

    Jimmy Tyrrell made our experience great

  • Sharni P

    July 15,2018

    Very efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with

  • Philip B

    July 15,2018

    James was with us every step of the process, always available to answer questions and help us along the way. We will have James and his team assist us on our next home purchase.

  • Beth V

    July 12,2018

    My re-finance was not easy due to issues with the association. James was very patient and pro-active in helping to get my approval through. James's team was also pleasant to deal with. I would certainly recommend James and Fairway Mortgage to anyone looking to buy or re-finance their home.

  • schweinfurthobx

    July 1,2018

    Jim is everything you want and need to make your home purchase a success. He goes above and beyond to make sure your dreams come too. Will highly recommend him

  • Krysten Z

    June 21,2018

    James has been such a pleasure to work with through my first home buying experience. He took the time to explain everything in detail and made everything A LOT less stressful then it could have been.

  • Bruce H

    June 21,2018

    James and his team made it easy to complete application and made the entire process smooth.

  • Jeffrey S

    June 13,2018

    James personally monitored the transaction and kept me informed step by step. James explained what to expect and when to expect things to happen. Basically he held me hand from the beginning to the end and removed all worry from the transaction. I cannot thank James enough!

  • John K

    June 2,2018

    Jimmy made what could have been a stressful home buying experience into a stress free process. Jimmy was able to answer all questions and take care of any outstanding issues in a timely manner. Jimmy diligently worked with me throughout the entire process which provided with with comfort knowing that things were being taken care of. I highly recommend Jimmy and the team at Fairway.

  • Nick G

    June 1,2018

    James helped me from beginning to the end with my mortgage. He was available any time of day even on the weekends. James was able to answer any and all questions I had. The best part was that he would constantly check in to make sure everything was going as smooth as possible. I would refer him to anybody I know. Thanks again James!

  • Stuart M

    May 4,2018

    I am with Exit Realty Premier Elite! I refer all of my buyers to Jimmy Tyrell because he does an awesome job! My clients love him and he gets the job done! He really knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone needing Mortgage financing and I am proud to work with him. Stuart Miller

  • Vijay M

    May 4,2018

    We are very Happy and pleased to deal with Tyrrell. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and a good listener. We are more than happy to deal with him for servicing our mortgage.

  • Michael K

    May 1,2018

    He was knowledgeable always responsive and answered all our million questions, taking us by the hand and walking us through the entire process. Also Cindy was invaluable and customer friendly.

  • Shannon H

    May 1,2018

    James and his team were available at all times to answer any questions. The process was easy and customer friendly. I was able to close in just over a month. James was very accommodating and provided excellent customer service!

  • pedroondoarroa

    March 1,2018

    James was always very professional and very knowledgeable, always available to answer any of my questions even after hours , made the transaction very smooth

  • user7363018

    December 1,2016

    James and his team were extremely professional and honest through out the entire home loan process. They were they to answer any concerns I had (even on the weekend). We managed to get a "clear to close" before the contracted date. I would highly recommend James and his team for your next loan.

  • olgabrand

    November 1,2016

    James and his whole team were amazing amazing amazing. Efficient, communicative, and FAST! Smoothest process I've ever seen! We absolutely love James, Cheryl, and everyone at TMF! Thank you for making it so easy for us!

  • ronnie s

    October 1,2016

    James was extremely pleasant from the moment I met him and made sure all of our questions were answered. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs his service.

  • camipitcher

    September 8,2016

    We had a great experience with James and his team. They were very knowledgeable, approachable and always helpful. Purchasing a house is no easy process, but James' approach was fairly easy. We would definitely recommend him if you're a first time home buyer and not only!

  • ArthurFreeman9

    September 1,2016

    He was great all through the process and his team was above and beyond the call of duty especially Cheryl has that never say die outlook and keep her eye on the ball through until it was finished.

  • jpopa4

    July 20,2016

    James came highly recommended from my spouses co-worker. He was very responsive to our objectives and followed through on his word, including closing on time and had the option to close sooner. Would definitely use him again in the future and of course have no reservations about recommending him to others.

  • andrewice99

    July 15,2016

    Awesome experience start to finish. Highly, highly recommended. Very knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive. Will definitely use James again. Thanks for the great service in helping me refinance my home mortgage.

  • jonathon d

    July 1,2016

    My wife and I worked with James J Tyrell III at the Mortgage Firm to close on a home we purchased in Boca Raton, FL. We were referred to James from our Realtor and we began the process of buying a home over a 6 month period. The reason for the long time sequence was due to my wife and I zeroing in on a city that would benefit our expanding family. James was patient during the entire process and helped give us rough financial numbers which let us know what kind of a ballpark figure we were dealing with. We never received pressure from James and any concerns, questions, needs we had were openly communicated during the process. In the end, we received a small amount back at closing and were also very surprised to see James making the time to see my wife and I on the day of the sale to congratulate us. I appreciated that fact that James made himself available on his work cell and continued to crunch numbers for us in order to make this sale happen. We purchased our home in July 2016 and I do appreciate the time and commitment given to my family from James. -Dressler Family (2016)

  • zuser20150503100916767

    June 27,2016

    Absolutely the best !!! It was the most professional company hands down. James and his entire team got us approved to close in 11 days. We would recommend them to anyone, anytime.

  • user19580736

    June 16,2016

    James was highly recommended to me by my real estate broker - I was so impressed with him upon first contact I knew he was the one to handle my transaction which was the purchase of the home I will spend the rest of my life in, as I am 64 - so I did not take this lightly - James and his staff were always available for any questions or concerns I had - it didn't matter what day it was or what time it was - someone was always available! They walked me through the entire process - at the age of 64 I have had many mortgages so I thought I knew a lot - BOY was I wrong! The industry and the products in terms of the different mortgages available have all changed and James and his staff were fully knowledgeable about all of them - they were in constant communication with me through the entire process - He exceeded my expectations! We successfully closed in record time - Please take my advice! There is no need to shop for who will handle your mortgage - He is the real deal! You won't be sorry!

  • user5833100

    May 24,2016

    Overall we had a fantastic experience with James and his team. They were always quick to reply and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  • user7176019

    May 22,2016

    Answered all my questions and was very proactive with making sure I understood the process. His team was very helpful as well. Uploading the required documents was very. They were easily reachable by phone and email and when they were not available, they called me back pretty quickly.

  • user141195

    May 18,2016

    James was very helpful in the purchase of my first home. He helped me throughout the process giving me insight on what was expected of me as well as what was to come. He was also there when problems arose to walk me through the difficulties as well as after to make sure I settled in fine. I look forward to working with him on my next home purchase as well as recommend him to friends and family.

  • care b

    May 3,2016

    James made the frustrating process of buying our first home so much easier. He explained things in a way that anybody could understand and we really felt comfortable to ask him anything. We never doubted that we were in the right hands. We would highly recommend him and actually already have been telling our fiends and family to contact him. His experience speaks for itself and its no doubt his personality and excellent customer service is why he has been able to stay in a competitive industry for so long. Call him and you will see for yourself.

  • ycurrier

    March 29,2016

    James was thorough and diligent throughout the entire process, a true professional that worked with us over an extended period of time to ensure that we could secure our mortgage and obtain our dream home. He made himself available at all hours and weekends to address our questions and concerns and always provided a solution. Would highly recommend James for your mortgage needs.

  • javarusdudley

    February 15,2016

    James and his staff were great. They were very hands on and work diligently to close the loan for me. I highly recommend James to all for services or just to inquire about the loan process. No regrets and will work with him again

  • zuser20150811164531580

    January 13,2016

    Coming from the UK and only being in the USA for a short period, I was recommended through a friend to use James and from the first call which he answers personally and walked me through the whole process of purchasing my home here in the US, I felt comfortable. My first call was to help me build credit to enable me to get a mortgage and his advice was right, within 6 months I had enough credit to purchase. During the process of finding a home James was always there to help me understand my limits in purchase price, but always tried to make it work if he could.Once I found my home James and his partner Jill were there again to walk me through the whole process. A couple of concerns from my end on the way, but James, Jill and there team were there to resolve any issues.Now our family are in our home and we couldn't thank James, Jill and there team enough.Once again thank you.Craig.

  • mvasquez76

    December 21,2015

    James and his team are an excellent group to work with. They helped my father with this home refinance and guided us through some rough waters along the way. Thanks to their expertise and extensive network, we were able to close and solve some pending issues along the way. Will definitely work with him again in the future.

  • thomiles2004

    December 1,2015

    It was a pleasure working with James and his Resmac team. He provided a plethora of knowledge regarding financing of a home loan. As expected there is always bumps in the processing of loans, however James and his team helped us tremendously in smoothing out these bumps. I would highly recommend James Tyrrell and his Resmac team in assisting any other potential home buyers

  • malarsen4523

    November 19,2015

    I had been a real estate agent for over 25 years in NJ and worked with many mortgage brokers. James Tyrrell and his team of Jill Kurtzberg and Dana Dressler are true professionals! They take an issue head on and deal with it! I was very happy with their response times and made me feel that my transaction was as important to them as me! Thank you guys job well done.

  • JTOUSS01

    November 4,2015


  • mlope16

    October 27,2015

    James was phenomenal to work with, he made sure we knew what the process would be like, answered all our questions and was with us every step of the way from our initial meeting to the closing day. Without question I'd recommend James to friends, family or colleagues. Thank you James for making our dream come true!

  • Chrystal S

    October 14,2015

    James & his team are absolutely amazing. They made the home financing process so easy. They walked me through the process step by step and answered all my 101 questions. They were truly a blessing to my family and helped make our home buying dream become a reality!

  • maragstern

    September 22,2015

    James helped us refinance our mortgage in a professional and efficient manner. He made the process easy and seamless and we saved a significant amount on our mortgage payment. I would highly recommend James Tyrrell.

  • chiny290

    September 13,2015

    James was very reliant in securing my loan for my first property. He was on time, efficient and able to answer and address all my concerns and questions. One call away or would return my call at his earliest convenience. The closing on my property was schedule for months in advance and even though we had all our needed documents in place, I would receive a call from him once a week just to check in or ask if I had any unanswered questions. Great job James and Team. Looking forward to work with you again

  • MGeffrard

    August 4,2015

    James was referred to me be a colleage of whom he assisted with their home loan.Made contact back in June of 2014...My scenario required a bit more attention as my credit needed some cleaning up. Following James' advise, it literally took little to no time in getting my credit score to skyrocket to where it is today. As a result of this, I recently closed on my first home!JT, you'd better believe I'll be recommending you to anyone & everyone looking to secure a home loan.Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahbpinewood

    July 16,2015

    James, Dana, and their team were extremely prompt and helpful. They were able to follow through and able to pull through on a very tight deadline to close. This is my second loan through James, and I would not hesitate to use him again.

  • zuser20150105133210621

    June 30,2015

    James was very helpful throughout the loan process. I was certainly a "tricky" candidate because I am self-employed. My credit needed to improve in order to get a better rate. James was there every step of the way to help out during this confusing process. If he can get my loan closed, he can probably get any loan closed. For this reason, I strongly recommend you utilize James for any of your home buying needs. He is very professional, responsive, and will even call you at 7pm at night if you need his guidance or help with any issue. Not many people still do business like this. If you want to be treated like a customer and not a number, this is your guy.

  • jlhbeachgirl

    June 29,2015

    James was great to work with. I would definately recommend him to my friends and family. He was always professional, great at communicating, always available and always had my best intrest. Five stars ????

  • ariel m

    May 26,2015

    James and his team did a fantastic job with my mortgage. James is highly knowledgeable and responsive. He was there each step of the way and really took the time to explain how the process works, answer all questions I had, and address all concerns. His processor Dana was also extremely diligent and helpful. She did a great job coordinating with all parties involved and made sure to keep me informed as to what was happening the entire time, and followed up with me consistently to make sure I received everything I needed. Due to the timing of the purchase, the loan needed to close quickly and efficiently. James and his team really came through and were able to make it happen ahead of schedule. I really felt that they were highly cognizant of the importance of this decision and worked hard to make sure I was properly informed and educated. I couldn't be happier with the service and results I received. I highly recommend James and his team to anyone in need of a mortgage.

  • cecybarriga

    May 22,2015

    I highly recommend his service. I want to say THANK YOU! James and team, especially to loan partner Dana Ressler for helping me -a first time home buyer- go through all the process smoothly. I put my trust in them and they did not fail. They are knowledgeable professionals and did not stop until they made it happen. We will be moving in our new home next week!

  • egod b

    May 21,2015

    I couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism, honesty, and work ethics displayed by Mr James Tyrrell and his team at ResMac. They were amazing. He always promptly returned my calls and answered all my question s. They made the process as simple as possible. I knew I would be well care for. They really went to the extra mile to get me into my house, at times it seems as if it was his personal duty to do so. It was my first experience and James and his team especially Dana were a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr James Tyrrell and his team at ResMac to my family and friends.

  • Jasonboggs

    May 4,2015

    I had a wonderful experience working with James and his team at Resmac. All of my questions were answered and my wife and I moved into our new home this past weekend. I always felt James and his team were being honest and had our best interest in mind. I would use his services again in the future if purchasing a home in the area.

  • lucaspcarneiro77

    April 20,2015

    James and his team offer a superb service! They helped me close on a condo, which these days lots of "professionals" run away from. When my first option didn't work he encourage me to keep at it and gave an immense amount of support. Sure enough, 40 days later we closed on an even better property. He's extremely experienced and knows the ins and outs of the industry. His team made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Day or nigh, weekday or weekend, James will make sure your questions are answered. He is a serious honest professional that only has your best interest in mind.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  • user3335058

    March 28,2015

    James is very friendly, always returned my calls and my realtor's calls promptly and answered my questions. From start to finish he was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He even attended my closing which is not required, just to make sure everything went smoothly.

  • user4624592

    March 5,2015

    James was always quick to respond to any of my inquiries throughout the entire process of finding a home. He provided excellent advice based on my personal financial situation and was genuinely dedicated in educating me on marketplace trends. I would recommend anyone in the market for a new home or property to to contact James for assistance.

  • markjc22

    January 28,2015

    James is very knowledgeable about all aspects of mortgage lending and offers very good advice. He listens to your goals and presents options. He is in constant communication throughout the process. He is aware of all timelines that have to be met and often meets them AHEAD of schedule. I HIGHLY recommend James to anyone looking to purchase of refinance a house. You will not disappointed.

  • tommyzarella

    January 12,2015

    ResMac just completed a loan for me last week. I was a first time home-buyer and James and his team were very professional and on point. I was very impressed with his responsiveness and his team follow- through on everything. Dana was extremely helpful in getting all my paperwork completed and making sure that I submitted the proper documents. James's knowledge was second to none and he answered all my questions and help me bob and weave through my loan. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a loan to contact James and let him get it done. ResMac rocks!!

  • PaolaTovar

    January 5,2015

    James Tyrrell is a very responsive and knowledgeable professional. As I was a first time homebuyer, I had lots of questions for James and he was always available to answer all of them at any time of the day or week through emails. I would highly recommend James to anyone looking to buy a home. I would also like to say that ResMac got me a very competitive rates and the TEAM James works with is amazing.

  • user5254950

    November 17,2014

    This guys is amazing. His team is the best most responsive and helpful team I have ever dealt with. I just closed on my condo with them. James was an amazing guy to work with. I highly recommend him. You will be happy you decided to work with him. I promise! Claudia Gutierrez.

  • DianaLizarazo

    November 5,2014

    We are finally moved in into our dream home, I would like to thank James Tyrrell and his awesome team for holding our hand through the entire approval process. it is not an easy process but it was all worth it! I would definitely recommend James to anyone who is looking to get a home loan.

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