• Reviews for Nancy Aguirre

    Anabel C

    May 12,2021

    A professional team that makes the process easy to the client with crystal clear information and availability all the time

  • Clarivel V

    April 27,2021


  • Jose S

    April 27,2021

    Nancy and her team were so dedicated to helping us every step of the way. They are such efficient and pleasant people. Nancy has a lot of knowledge, and she explains everything as clear as possible so you can make the best decision and have the best experience in buying your home.

  • yanetm14

    April 18,2021

    Profesional, acknowledged, Super fast , she always be here for anything question, advice, she helped a lot my parents to buy their first home , thanks Nancy for everything 😃🥰

  • Eric F

    April 17,2021

    Nancy was a pleasure to work with. The team at Fairway was very communicative and extremely helpful. I have never had such a good experience with a home mortgage process as I did with Nancy and the rest of the team.

  • Elizabeth L

    April 16,2021

    We received all the information and support during this process. She was really helpful and trusted.

  • Jorge G

    April 15,2021

    Professionalism, communication, they made the process simple and easy.

  • Marcelo F

    April 13,2021

    Constant, steady and clear communication at all times. Always there to provide help and direction when needed.

  • Ashley F

    April 10,2021

    Nancy and her team’s communication made this entire process seamless. We closed before expected and we owe it to Nancy. She was alway available to speak and break things down for us first time homeowners! Thank you Nancy! 10 out of 10 recommended!

  • Christopher B

    April 3,2021

    Nancy is great to work with, very accessible and makes the process easy.

  • Violeta P

    April 1,2021

    smooth transaction

  • Jose G

    March 30,2021

    She was a pleasure to work with.Definitely will recommend her to my family and friends. She was very professional and very good at was she does.

  • Lainett C

    March 26,2021

    Nancy was very informative and helpful thorough out the purchase of my home.

  • Yulissa A

    March 26,2021

    Nancy was always there for us when we needed here. She replies very quickly and is on top of all the paperwork. As a first time buyer she was amazing and answered all my questions that i had for her. Will 100% recommend her for anyone else.

  • Gaitridavi G

    March 10,2021

    Nancy had answers to all our questions, take us step by step through the process, we had no frustrations. I would definitely recommend my friends and family.

  • Vilma A

    February 24,2021

    quick process from beginning to end. Everyone was really nice when needing anything from me

  • Miguel N

    February 23,2021

    Very knowledgeable and professional team. If you want things to get done in a fast and secure manner, contact them now! I'm sure you won't regret it...

  • Ramon M

    February 22,2021

    Nancy she surpassed every expectation. Her team is exceptional and at all moments you feel as if you were working with your own family with regards to trust and comfort. They were very clear, explicit and offered us the best offers from the very beginning with patience and attention to detail. We are a couple of more than 60 year which makes this process confusing for us however they explained, helped and maintained us informed of every step of the process with care and friendliness.

  • Eva B

    February 22,2021

    Excellent! We went with Nancy because various clients at various stages gave us the recommendation as the ideal person for the job was Nancy Aguirre. They were not wrong, she surpassed every expectation. Her team is exceptional and at all moments you feel as if you were working with your own family with regards to trust and comfort. They were very clear, explicit and offered us the best offers from the very beginning with patience and attention to detail. We are a couple of more than 60 year which makes this process confusing for us however they explained, helped and maintained us informed of every step of the process with care and friendliness. I urge you to contact Nancy Aguirre and her extraordinary team.

  • Roger P

    February 15,2021

    Not good enough

  • Luisa V

    February 11,2021

    Nancy and her team were very professional, proactive and responsive. They kept in constant communication with me, making sure I was undertanding each step of the process. They made my life easier. During the whole process I felt that I was in the right hands. On top of everything Nancy is an amazing person. I highly recommend her! Thank you Nancy again

  • Luisa V

    February 11,2021

    Nancy and her team were very professional, proactive and responsive. They kept in constant communication with me, making sure I was undertanding each step of the process. They made my life easier. During the whole process I felt that I was in the right hands. On top of everything Nancy is an amazing person. I highly recommend her! Thank you Nancy again

  • Maria P

    February 10,2021

    Very profesional,kindness and always available to assist us .

  • Victor S

    February 10,2021


  • Katiuska R

    February 8,2021

    Nancy is a great professional with extensive knowledge in what she does, she has helped us a lot and we want many like us to have the opportunity to work with her

  • Carmen F

    February 6,2021

    Nancy is very professional in what she does, she communicated with me frequently to update me on how things were going! Kind, she is just great! I thank God for Nancy's life!

  • Carmen F

    February 6,2021

    Nancy is a reliable person, she was in contact with me all the time to update me on what was happening! I can say that she worked with excellence! She loves what she does! I am very grateful for her work!

  • AlejandroFuentes05

    January 25,2021

    Nancy is a very dedicated individual that makes sure you understand everything that’s going on every step of the way. She is definitely the person you need to reach out to in order to get the job done. I will definitely recommend her!

  • Annette C

    January 19,2021

    Nancy and her team were extremely helpful in the entire process. Their customer focus, professionalism, and attention to detail made purchasing a home a fantastic experience. In nerve-wracking moments for a homebuyer she was steady and trustworthy. We closed on time, and everything was as promised.

  • Jose R

    January 17,2021

    The fluidity the process undertook from beginning to end was noteworthy and your investments in technology helped me stay up to date each step of the way. My professional life takes up much of my time and searching for documents to support this process is highly cumbersome however your electronic linkage with data partners alleviated much of those concerns and made the approval workflow the whole way thru easy for me.

  • Gisela S

    January 16,2021

    Nancy and her team provided an excellent service and maintained an open line of communication while I was refinancing my rental property in Florida. This was critical to me while living out of state. I highly recommend her!

  • Kevin B

    January 9,2021

    Quick personal attention. I felt like Nancy was working for me.

  • John G

    January 4,2021

    Nancy and her team where always available to answer questions. She provided key information to make the process as smooth as possible. She helped us find what was the most appropriate loan for for us. Definitely will recommend Nancy and her team.

  • Carlos M

    January 1,2021

    The way Nancy stayed on top of concerns addressed to her thru the process. Always offering a helping hand when needed. The only draw back to me, I like more the personal touch, specially in moments when the system would not let me proceed of what was being asked of me with technical issues. Otherwise everything else was great. Thanks

  • John G

    January 1,2021

    Nancy and her team helped us navigate the whole process and they where always available to answer any questions. They took care of any issues that came up and figured out what was best for us. Would definitely recommend Nancy and her team.

  • Lina G

    December 29,2020

    Very professional and communicative. Nancy was always keeping updated on the process of my refinance and the staff was very helpful. Would recommend always. Great experience!!

  • Amarilys G

    December 28,2020

    The team was exact on the time frame, knowledgeable and everyone was friendly. Thank you

  • Paola T

    December 28,2020

    Working with Nancy was an excellent experience. She provided great advice paying attention to every detail, always with a kind and positive energy.

  • Alexander L

    December 27,2020

    Fantastic Attention to Customer Service!!! Couldn't be any happier with the attention received from Day 1 - Closing... Thank you NANCY!!!

  • Judith P

    December 26,2020

    I highly recommend you,***** Nancy Aguirre and her team!!!! They are professional and quickly since the first day until the last day.

  • Sujey a

    December 26,2020

    Nancy and Cathy are a dream team! They pour themselves into every transaction. Homeownership was new to my husband and me, we had so many questions, and both Nancy and Cathy made sure we understood every step of the process and clarified every item on our list. The underwriting process was grueling, but these ladies made it happen. Not once did they give up. I wholeheartedly believe they fought to make this dream come true for us. As we've told them before, we will be forever grateful.

  • c r

    December 25,2020

    I cannot express how professional, kind, and hard working Nancy and her team are. We got our dream home in a matter of a month and before the Holidays. Highly recommend Nancy. Trustworthy, quick to respond, and transparent.

  • Ambiorix S

    December 24,2020

    Todo fue muy bien el servicio y sobre todo el realtor Frank es el mejor

  • Maria S

    December 23,2020

    Nancy Aguirre

  • Rebeca A

    December 22,2020

    Always available to answer questions, very professional and polite.

  • Christopher R

    December 22,2020

    Communication, clarity, work ethic, speed.

  • Gustavo P

    December 21,2020

    Always readily available. Efficient and upstanding service. Clear and concise communication. Excellent attitude and desire to help.

  • William G

    December 19,2020

    As always a true professional, thanks again!!

  • Abraham D

    December 18,2020

    Nancy was so helpful and informative throughout our entire home buying process. She always answers our questions and concerns in timely manner. 100% recommend her to all our family and friends

  • Martha G

    December 16,2020

    Customer services, quick response time and professionalism.

  • Joan W

    December 16,2020

    Nancy and the entire team are just superior to the industry. They made the financing smooth and as easy as it could be.

  • Manlio C

    December 16,2020

    Buying a home was so easy with her, she made the process a breeze. Great customer service and communication.

  • Yara M

    December 16,2020

    Nancy is a very friendly and knowledgeable professional. She cares for the client and always goes above and beyond to make things happen. It was a pleasure to work with her for the 2nd time. I will let certainly recommend her services to others.

  • mariaawizel

    December 16,2020

    Nancy and the entire team are just superior to the industry. They made the financing smooth and as easy as it could be. The buyers realtor said they were the best of the crop.

  • Blanca D

    December 15,2020

    Her service was amazing, it was a pleasure working with her she was always present no matter at what time we called her. Thank you and your extraudinaty team for being part of this amazing journey with us .

  • Alan J

    December 7,2020

    The entire team was awesome specially Nancy Aguirre. I am a 1st time home buyer and did not know what expect and Nancy was thorough with answering my questions and explaining all that me and my wife Vicky need to know. The process was smooth from start to finish and I highly recommend Nancy and the Fairway Team.

  • Roxana R

    December 5,2020

    great customer service, very well informed, quick responses and detailed information. even after the deal was done I has extra questions and she was very well informed, if she wasn't informed then she looked for the information.

  • jenkinsalan2337

    December 4,2020

    Me and my wife Vicky were very happy with the way Nancy and everyone at the Fairway Team treated us. They were contacting us with constant updates on what is needed and what will be next. They all responded quickly to any questions me or Vicky had. The biggest thing is that they were able to explain all the procedure's and documents to us where we can understand clearly. The mortgage approval process was fast and closing went great

  • Lina F

    November 22,2020

    Nancy is very friendly, very knowledgeble, she takes the time to explain everything and make sure we understand all the process, her responses are very fast. I am very satisfied with her service and I will do business with her in the future and I will recommend her with all my friends and family.

  • Dayli A

    November 19,2020

    Nancy was very helpful and soo patient with me. It was very easy and pleasant working with her and the Fairway team.

  • Yerani M

    November 18,2020

    Working with Nancy was a Pleasure. She was helpful every step of the way. My credit score needed help, and with her guidance I was able to improve and purchase our home. I would highly recommend Nancy and her team.

  • Dayron V

    November 18,2020

    Nancy was fantastic! She was always willing and able to answer any questions I had regarding the process. She was knowledgeable and patient. Despite all the hiccups that come with this process, Nancy made the process feel smooth. Thank you, Nancy!

  • user6692171

    November 18,2020

    Nancy and the Fairway team were extremely helpful and patient. I am grateful for such an easy process with them. Highly recommended.

  • Magdelivia H

    November 17,2020

    Everything was made so easy with nancy, she kept it simple, and help me throughout the whole process, thanks for everything and god bless

  • Ashley L

    November 17,2020

    I had many obstacles to overcome to purchase a home but with the help of Nancy and her team everything was able to be resolved in order for me to purchase a home. I truly appreciate her work and dedication.

  • Claudia G

    November 15,2020

    Nancy was very nice and professional. Was a smooth process.

  • Sergio S

    November 15,2020

    Muy agradecido por el servicio prestado, fue muy fácil el proceso y rápido . El trabajo de Nancy es muy profesional.

  • Jenilee P

    November 11,2020

    Nancy was the key to making the process to purchasing my home smooth. I would highly recommend her.

  • William C

    November 9,2020

    Very knowledgeable and always taking our calls and answering any questions and concerns

  • Anelis R

    November 7,2020

    La comunicación con el cliente es súper buena, disponible en cualquier momento, no solo por parte de Nancy, sino de todo el equipo de Fairway. Excelente trabajo, en todo momento nos sentimos confiados de estar en manos muy profesionales. Gracias.

  • Marie G

    November 4,2020

    Attention to detail. Friendly service. Highly experienced and replies in a timely manner.

  • williamcruz317823

    November 3,2020

    Always reachable and professional. Explained every aspect of the home buying process in an understandable easy way.i will recommend them to friends and family members .

  • Michel P

    October 27,2020


  • Maritza T

    October 9,2020

    I sent her an email on 9/25 and a follow up email every 2-4 days in between and no response from her. Not even an acknowledgment email. I don't understand how people do business like this. This is very unprofessional.

  • Ronald A

    October 2,2020

    Everything - the process the communication and the overall help that was given

  • Ivonne M

    September 26,2020

    Great customer service and knowledge, answered all my questions, Pcall and doubts. Smooth sailing, thank you Nancy!

  • Elsa M

    September 26,2020

    Nancy provided an unparalleled level of service. She’s highly knowledgeable, professional, kind and most important committed to deliver excellence service. We couldn’t have chosen a better place to do our mortgage. I highly recommend Nancy and we are grateful for everything she did to help us achieve this huge milestone for our family. Thank you so much Nancy and team!

  • Jessica L

    September 25,2020

    Nancy offered great contact, informed my spouse and I throughout the entire process of the purchase.

  • Sadiat O

    September 21,2020

    The way Nancy answered all the questions I asked her in precise and thoroughly ways.

  • Dany T

    September 20,2020

    Always ready to go above and beyond to help you with anything you need really a dream to work with

  • Eric G

    September 16,2020

    because they have a lot of experience in what they do and they are realistic when it comes to helping you, they tell you what to do and they don't fool you. so in the end there are excellent results.

  • Abdul D

    September 16,2020

    We appreciate your help and time. Thanks, for your good service and amazing customer services. Thanks, Rosalba & Abdul. 2020

  • Clara J

    September 2,2020

    Excellent attitude. Very professional and courteous.

  • Zhaniece H

    September 2,2020

    Nancy was VERY kind, responsive and knowledgeable. She always responded to my emails, regardless of the time.

  • Kristine R

    September 1,2020

    Always there for us when we had many questions. Eased all our doubts we had. Very pleasant to work with. Definitely will be working with you again in the future.

  • Igor R

    September 1,2020

    Great care, attention to details and constant communication throughout the whole process

  • Mailyn1

    August 31,2020

    Nancy and her team provided an excellent service. Nancy was extremely helpful and informative every step of the way during the loan process. Nancy had great communication, she was available to talk whenever necessary to answer any questions, she is very diligent with her work and made the loan application process very smooth. Nancy is an excellent professional, she guided and assisted me all the way which I am grateful for. I highly recommend her.

  • Kristine

    August 29,2020

    I am grateful for meeting Nancy and the team. I have learned so much from her knowledge and gained experience in the process of buying a home. Fairway Gave us the chance to buy a home in the time that we needed and made our experience so much easier. Thank you for helping us through each step of the way and easing my anxiety. Thank you thank you thank you I’m truly grateful and will be looking forward to working with you and the team In the future.

  • Manuel M

    August 22,2020

    Nancy was an excellent loan officer. Nancy was extremely helpful, attentive, informative, and worked with us to make sure we had everything that we needed ready. The loan application experience was great thanks to her and the rest of the team that assisted us.

  • Regina V

    August 22,2020

    Everyone in your team are professional and knowledgeable making the loan process very smooth . Cathy is an excellent person always helpful and available to answer any of my questions and concerns. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent service!

  • David H

    August 18,2020

    VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larissa H

    August 18,2020

    Nancy was GREAT! Very helpful and right on time on every step of the way. Again she was great!

  • Yalier F

    August 17,2020

    Great customer service! Professional and thorough experience.

  • Miguel J

    August 3,2020


  • Domingo R

    August 1,2020

    The process was easy and painless. Nancy is professional, eficiente, dedicated and easy to communicate with. Her support staff was on task at all time and kept me inform of every step. The team work and qualities previously mentioned changed a very tedious process into an enjoyable one.

  • Russell E

    July 31,2020

    Nancy is what made it great! She was super transparent and knowledgeable. Any question I threw at her that pertained to my specific scenario was answered thoroughly! It's not a matter of would I recommend her, I WILL recommend her to any prospect for a possible home purchase. Thank you Fairway and special thanks to Nancy and team for the special attention paid to my home purchase!

  • Monica G

    July 29,2020

    Nancy and Cathy are super patient when working with first time home buyers. I have no idea how many times I called them to ask questions about the process and they were always so willing to take the time and go over everything step by step. I definitely recommend working with Nancy!

  • Reinier C

    July 21,2020


  • Maria F

    July 18,2020

    Loved working with Nancy made purchasing my first home easy! Thank you Nancy!!

  • Dinorah C

    July 7,2020

    Nancy was very good at communicating with me and letting me know how the process would work , this was my first time buying a condo instead of a single house And she made sure I understood the difference. It was a very smooth and fast process.

  • Jose F

    July 6,2020

    Excelente porque me ayudo en todo lo que nesecite para la compra de mi casa

  • Eugenio A

    June 21,2020

    I have been working with Nancy for a ton of years now and she never disappoints. I recommend her 200%!

  • Freddy C

    June 16,2020

    Professional, timely, and just an overall great experience. I shopped multiple finance options and Nancy and her team were always the best.

  • Neal S

    June 16,2020

    Nancy and the team at Fairway were Awesome! They communicated well, and kept me and my family informed throughout the entire home buying process. I would highly recommend them.

  • Neal S

    June 14,2020

    Very personable and hands on. Always kept me informed and her team was excellent. The process wouldn’t have been this easy with out Nancy

  • Maria M

    June 13,2020

    Excellent Very professional.

  • Evelio J

    June 6,2020

    It was awesome to work with you and your team.

  • Taymi G

    June 5,2020

    The service was great, super professional and very helpful. It was a pleasure to work with your team. Even on these Coronavirus time I got all the help I needed. Thank you!!...

  • Pablo L

    May 31,2020

    Nancy and her team are Very professional. They helped us with the purchase of our first house.

  • Pablo L

    May 29,2020

    She helped us with the purchase of our first home!!! Nancy and her team are very professional, they took care to advise us in the best way. Thanks Nancy!!!

  • William R

    May 16,2020

    Nancy made the whole experience easy and painless. She always kept me up to date on the process and was always willing to answer all my questions.

  • willr

    May 13,2020

    This is my second time working with Nancy, first was when I made my first home buy and now when I refinanced my home. Both time have been incredibly easy and quick with no hiccups what so ever. Nancy always responds quickly and kept me in the loop throughout the process. I will make sure to go back to her for my next purchase or refi.

  • Sergio Q

    May 5,2020

    She helped us a lot, she is nice and a great person, thank you so much.

  • Jose M

    May 5,2020

    Smooth Transaction and great customer service

  • Rafael Q

    April 27,2020

    Very good excellent work, very attentive, I hope they always continue to provide that service and that they continue to improve so that they continue to serve more clients

  • Ronald H

    April 21,2020

    Nancy was very friendly and communicative throughout the process. She was helpful at every turn, even after hours. She took her time to explain everything to us in ways we could understand.

  • Michelle H

    April 19,2020

    Nancy answered our questions every step of the way. She never made me feel like my questions were silly. I felt very comfortable with her and I have already recommended her to a friend.

  • Wilfredo L

    April 11,2020

    Expertises, professionalisms, trusty.

  • Diana R

    March 30,2020

    Great service and great people very professional thank you

  • Arnaldy D

    March 28,2020

    It was an outstanding service, she met and exceeded all of my requirements. As a first time buyer’s, this was an amazing experience. Her and her team was always available to answer questions and made the whole process simple and very convenient for my time. I highly recommend her and her team.

  • Robert M

    March 28,2020

    Awesome job with the client she very grateful in passion

  • Dayliana R

    March 19,2020

    Gracias por todo .

  • Jacques M

    March 18,2020

    She is knowledgeable and tried very hard to get a positive result.

  • Marlon S

    March 11,2020

    Nancy went beyond helping us get the loan, we had a few bumps throughout the process but she never hesitated in going further and explaining the best solution for us.

  • Luis M

    March 8,2020

    Nancy not only help us with our refinance back in 2012 but also help us purchase a new home with little turn around time. She is easy to work with and very patient and above all knowledgeable.

  • Manuel S

    February 16,2020

    Muy agradecidos con el excelente trabajo de Nancy y todo su equipo.Muchas gracias

  • Snyder F

    February 11,2020

    She was amazing during the entire process and incredibly patient I could not have imagined getting the property without her support.

  • Osiris M

    February 3,2020

    Nancy and her team are truly fantastic at what they do. They are knowledgeable, capable and made our refinance process as easy as possible.

  • Miguel N

    January 10,2020

    From start to finish, Nancy and her team are hard working and passionate at what they do. I reccommend them 100% Keep up the good work!

  • Milgian G

    January 10,2020

    Good communication, ability to help and answer questions.

  • Elvira P

    January 10,2020

    the team was very helpful and give us a fast service. very good and professional service.

  • Georgette R

    January 10,2020

    Nancy and her team are very efficiency in what they do. They worked as a team to get our process finalized from beginning to end. We really appreciate everyone doing their best to get us to close in a month.

  • Jorge G

    January 10,2020

    Excellent service And good communication

  • Ricky G

    January 10,2020

    Having Nancy as our loan officer was what made our experience of purchasing a house, stress free. Being a first time homebuyer, I had tons of questions, and thankfully, Nancy had all the answers. But what held the most value to me was the time that she would dedicate to help me better understand an otherwise confusing process. Together, we were able to close on our property rather quick, as she requests the documents and made it convenient for us to submit. Thank you Nancy

  • Edith R

    January 10,2020

    Nancy and Cathy were a pleasure to.work with. They guided me through the whole process.. Answered any of my calls, text or emails promptly.

  • Perry M

    January 10,2020

    As everyone who has purchased a home knows it can be a stressful process. From the beginning to the end Nancy and her team was AMAZING!!! Always pleasant, punctual & friendly going above and beyond making me and my family feel secure and very supportive through our home buying journey. Nancy & her office were so helpful through this process. My fiance loves them and she's not a walk in the park... If you know what I'm say...LOL!!! WE RECOMMEND FAIRWAY MORTGAGE!!! GREAT SERVICES & STAFF...

  • Miguel N

    January 2,2020

    Nancy and her team are very professional, everyone is a team player, they work with integrity, they make sure their clients are being treated well and they are very accurate on their time. Without a hesitation, I would recommend them 100%.

  • Youlin C

    December 28,2019

    Awesome peoples and great experience..!! Definitely recommend it..!! 💯💯💯

  • Isis M

    December 28,2019


  • Yorley O

    December 25,2019

    Great experience and amazing service

  • zuser201411181454408

    November 27,2019

    My experience with Nancy was was great, she was extremely helpful. I closed it on time ,rate as expected,and closing fees were low. I really recommend her!!

  • Jose R

    October 23,2019

    The best part was the simplicity involved in completing the transaction. Nancy's and her entire team kept me appraised almost daily of where we were in the loop...Most of the efforts in this process were done electronically and that made the it very easy for me. Nancy herself was very professional, explained how my transaction would work and she demonstrated proficiency and expertise in in each interaction I had with her. I would recommend her to anyone who asks about my home loan.

  • Juan N

    October 20,2019

    Great woman and very professional.

  • Beatriz C

    October 20,2019

    Nancy Aguirre es muy profesional en su trabajo. Ella está disponible para la necesitas. Nosotros nos sentimos agradecidos con su generosidad. La recomendamos 100%.

  • Frank F

    October 9,2019

    Nancy was very nice, attentive, and knowledgeable.

  • Roberto P

    October 9,2019

    Excelente service and superior customer service

  • Esther H

    October 1,2019

    Working with her was amazing. Very profesional and very understand. Will definitely work with her again and highly recommend her!

  • Orlando S

    October 1,2019


  • Ana G

    September 23,2019

    She was very professional, patient, answered all my questions, and specially she has a great heart.

  • Miguel G

    August 29,2019

    She is the best at her job. Gets things done quickly. Best loan processor I’ve dealt with.

  • Mauricio P

    August 25,2019

    Very Professional and efficient.

  • zuser201704130536430

    August 24,2019

    Completely in love with this team. They all work with me throughout the process from beginning to end. Finding the best way possible to do everything, giving us the best advice. Nancy was just a phone call away, always answered my calls with the perfect attitude. We ended up closing our home purchase a few days sooner that the original day schedule. What else can I ask for! Thank you Nancy and your team for helping me make my dream come true!!!

  • Yuniel D

    August 13,2019

    She is the best loan officer ever. She will help you with any needs that you might have during the process of buying a house. She will make every step easy for you. I will highly recommend her to everyone if you are thinking of buying a house or any property. She will fight for you and get you the best insurance for you home. She is GREAT!!!!!!

  • Rosa M

    August 12,2019

    Nancy was very helpful during the home loan process, always eager to explain and answer questions and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house, or simply someone with questions about home loans. As the loan process progressed, she made sure I understood every step and kept me in the loop as to what documents were going to be needed next! Always available by phone / text or email. Her team is amazing!! Thank you Nancy!!

  • Edward P

    August 8,2019

    The entire staff was excellent. They made sure everything went smoothly.

  • Jessica M

    August 2,2019

    Nancy was very patient with all my questions, phone calls and emails. Made the process smooth. Very professional and nice. Easy to talk to

  • R.Marrero

    July 30,2019

    Nancy was very helpful during the home loan process, always eager to explain and answer questions and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house, or simply someone with questions about home loans. As the loan process progressed, she made sure I understood every step and kept me in the loop as to what documents were going to be needed next! Always available by phone / text or email. Her team is amazing!! Thank you Nancy for making my home purchase go by smoothly and within a timely manner. I am forever graateful 🙂

  • Alberto F

    July 7,2019

    Nancy Aguirre guided us through the process in a very professional and useful manner. From the very first day she explained us every step very clear making everything smooth and reliable for us to go on. It took time for us to finally go throught the closing part because of some seller term and condition however, she was always availble to answer any question or doubt. We found very useful the electronic documentations and signatures requested from us. She was very clear and possitive during the loan application process and once it was approved she immediately notified us. I would recomend her to any friend or family member in the process of buying a house and would not hesitate in contacting her again if we need in the future. This was our second time working with her in the process of buying a house and we noticed she has gained more experience. Nancy was very cautios about no missing any detail during the process and was also a good advisor to us . We also received good feedbacks from our realtor about how proficiently she was and competent in every step of the process. We hope she can continue serving other future home buyers with the same effectiviness and professionalism.

  • Jaime S

    June 18,2019

    Great service and professional. You showed experience and followed through with the expectations. Thank you

  • Evangelina P

    June 5,2019

    Nancy was really nice and professional.

  • Daniel T

    June 3,2019

    Always responds to emails, phone calls and texts. Made the process as easy as possible. Great job to her and her team.

  • Jorge M

    June 2,2019

    Nancy Aguirre is a very professional, dedicated and knowledgeable person. We had a great experience with Fairway, Nancy and her team. As first time home buyers, we always had tons on questions, and she and her team made it easy and smooth for us, always getting back to us in timely fashion. We highly recommend Fairway, Nancy Aguirre and her team, for your Loan process.

  • Ivonne G

    June 2,2019

    Our Experience was very pleasant. Every time we needed information, we were assisted immediately. The process was very fast and efficient. I highly recommend Nancy Aguirre for your Loan process.

  • Jorge M

    June 1,2019

    Nancy Aguirre is very knowledgeable and caring. She’s always attentive to our needs, they kept us informed at all times and they exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Fairway Mortgage, and Nancy and Cathy are the best!

  • Jose M

    May 30,2019

    Overall great experience , Mrs Nancy Aguirre was very well knowledgable person , she sought out many programs that can help us. She also worked with me daily to get every bit of information that they may have needed (underwriters).Mrs Nancy Arguirre and staff was very helpful and amazing , and where able to answer any concerns i may have had. Also we were able to close on time which was a great feeling knowing i had a great team behind me . Overall very Happy !

  • chrysler305

    May 29,2019

    Overall great experience , Mrs Nancy Aguirre was very well knowledgable person , she sought out many programs that can help us. She also worked with me daily to get every bit of information that they may have needed (underwriters).Mrs Nancy Arguirre and staff was very helpful and amazing , and where able to answer any concerns i may have had. Also we were able to close on time which was a great feeling knowing i had a great team behind me . Overall very Happy !

  • Yaquelyn S

    May 23,2019

    Cathy was always around to answer questions and she would get back to us when she mentioned she would, even if it was to say she didn’t have the answer yet. Fast processing. Clear process.

  • ysanchez210

    May 22,2019

    After going through 2 other lenders and, thankfully, early on found out some misinformation. I connected with Nancy and her team. The process was easy, extremely professional and they were always available for questions (which we had tons of).

  • Aylen B

    May 8,2019

    Fast responses, always on top of everything

  • Chloe T

    April 28,2019

    I couldn’t have chosen a better Loan Officer! Nancy was great in all aspects. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. She ensures to explain everything step by step, works quickly, constantly giving updates. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

  • Ramon G

    April 9,2019

    Nancy and her whole group are formidable

  • Manuel P

    April 5,2019

    WONDERFUL TEAM...all the staff are very professional and always very attentive you all your needs.

  • Joel G

    March 11,2019

    Excellent very professional she work really hard to Complete customer satisfaction

  • Roberths T

    March 7,2019

    Nancy made the entire process easy. Was upfront about all the documents that were needed and if you had any questions she answered everything

  • Daniel E

    February 28,2019

    Nancy is very knowledgeable and caring. She found the best program that would work for me and guided me correctly to be able to purchase my first home despite not having enough money for a down payment. Not once did I feel lost in the process because she would update me very frequently on next-steps and was proactive in answering my questions before I even asked them. I am truly blessed to have had my first home-buying experience with her and her team.

  • Kendra H

    February 27,2019

    Si muy buena

  • danieltheartist1

    February 27,2019

    Nancy was great to work with. Very attentive to my needs, and took extra care of me as a first-time home buyer. I have already recommended 2 of my colleagues to her and her team.

  • Tirso G

    February 15,2019

    I highly recommend Nancy. She made the process of my purchase go very quick and smooth. She is very profesional and she is always ready to answer any of my concerns on a timely manner. Thank you Nancy... you made our dreams come true.❤️

  • Francisco C

    February 4,2019

    I will alway recommend you! It is so easy to work with your company, you make the process super easy.

  • Carisa B

    February 2,2019

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Eric M

    January 30,2019

    Nancy’s dedication to success and profesionalism is admirable . Her possitive persona and joyful ways made the transaction painless and a pleasure Her and her team are great

  • zuser201506220908101

    January 18,2019

    I would recommend Nancy blindly, especially if you are buying your first home. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and made what is usually a daunting process very manageable for us. She genuinely cares for her clients and goes above and beyond on all aspects. When it comes to buying your home, you are going to have questions. Nancy never took longer than five minutes to answer our calls, texts, or emails. We bought over the December holidays which makes everything more stressful, and even then - met our goal to find a house before our current lease expired. Couple all of that with the fact that she matched the interest rate offered by a major Florida bank. If you want to simplify your life and have the peace of mind of having a true professional oversee the home buying process, YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH NANCY!

  • Jose M

    January 11,2019

    Amazing service. The communication is great. A home purchase being a stressful situation for many people, Nancy and her team make it so smooth, quick, and flawless. Thank you all.

  • Joan W

    January 3,2019

    Nancy is extremely responsible, diligent and caring. She went above and beyond for us. I can't believe how fast this closing was!

  • Jose D

    December 6,2018

    Nancy guided us every step of the way, even though outside circumstances threw speed bumps. It was greatly appreciated.

  • Jay M

    November 11,2018

    Very professional and competent, she takes time to explain and educate.

  • Kalpana N

    November 8,2018

    Sincere and Hardworking. Always willing to go extra mile. Helpful and knowledgeable.

  • kalptaru9

    November 6,2018

    Very Helpful and Hardworking. Sincere and well informed. She will go an Extra Mile to Help. Very Supportive. Was able to reach after Work Hours . Always very Professional and Respectful.

  • Leonam L

    October 25,2018

    Amazing work, fallowed up with us every step of the way, explaining everything in details. Very professional highly recommended.

  • Damaris V

    October 25,2018

    From the beginning the experience was amazing! Nancy and her team were always available to answer my million questions. Always explained everything very detailed and would go above and beyond to help us. We were so happy to work with her from beginning to end. Will definitely recommend her to anyone purchasing a house.

  • Valerie L

    October 24,2018

    Nancy, was nothing but wonderful, she kept me informed at all times and assisted with any questions I had regarding my loan.

  • Michel P

    October 23,2018

    Fast closing. Nancy is very professional.

  • Martha G

    October 19,2018

    Nancy is a professional,courteous, goes above and beyond to achieve customer ‘s satisfaction

  • Luis G

    October 19,2018

    Nancy is really professional and good in what se does. I had a great experience working with her.

  • Martha M

    October 18,2018

    Nancy is very professional, detail oriented, courteous and goes above and beyond to meet her customer's needs. She follows up along with her team from beginning to end.

  • user59653202

    October 16,2018

    Nancy was really supportive and professional during the loan process. The team works really good and in meet my expectations. Thanks for all the help.

  • Giselle G

    September 29,2018

    The trusted business, and the reliable loan officer that she is. She was referred by a trusted friend too.

  • Daniel C

    September 27,2018

    Responsabilidad ,dedicación y experiencia Estamos muy complacidos con su trabajo y el resultado ha sido magnifico.

  • Francisco C

    September 25,2018

    Work fast and it was easier process

  • Mariana C

    September 25,2018

    Great service, on top of every need

  • Eugenio A

    September 1,2018

    Fairway is lucky to have someone like Nancy be a part of their team. She is amazing!

  • Isabel P

    August 28,2018

    The professionalism used but yet very friendly and personal atmosphere. It was a great and seamless experience

  • Alejandro F

    August 11,2018

    She did an awesome job helping me get the loan for the apartment I wanted and she worked diligently to make sure I was well informed of all the different aspects of the entire home buying process. She did a fenomenal job!

  • Martha F

    July 26,2018

    She is a fantastic broker, she has a good experience and good discipline in the area that she is working. You did everything perfect and in a short time. Any time that I had a question, she was available and open to answer it. I think she is one of the brokers that has more experience in this job in Miami.

  • Isalmy S

    July 23,2018

    The whole team was very Professional.

  • Yoansy V

    July 23,2018

    This is my fourth property and this is by far the best financing process I've gone through thanks to Nancy and her team. She has taken care of every little detail and she have always be there for any question or concern, willing to help me out with an accurate advice. I got the loan approval with through her when other mortgage brokers told me that it would be impossible to get another loan. Highly recommended. She even go for the extra mile with little details like showing up at closing.

  • Veronica H

    July 22,2018


  • Dorian P

    July 4,2018

    Nancy was great overall from her professionalism to her attention to detail. The process was smooth and her communication skills and hospitality made our experience a 10 out of 10!

  • Lee A

    July 1,2018

    Our home loan was processed promptly. We never had to worry that we would not reach our deadline. Nancy was quite helpful and went out of her way to answer our questions. We also appreciate the personal touch they added during our closing. Overall, our experience with thiIs company was great!

  • Helio D

    June 19,2018

    We were very pleased with the service we received from Nancy Aguirre. She was always there to answer our questions and she is very knowledgeable about her job. For many people buying a house becomes a stressful process, our experience was nothing like that and we attribute this in part to Nancy Aguirre and her team. Thank you!

  • Marcia B

    June 8,2018

    Thank you Nancy for your excellent service!

  • Sheila E

    May 29,2018

    Great Job and communication

  • Stephanie G

    May 24,2018

    Nancy was very helpful throughout the entire process. She was a delight to work with and quick to reply to any question or concerns we had!

  • Antonio A

    May 22,2018

    Everything, from the first day until the last one. She is a great person and a great profesional, too. Anyone can talk to her with ease. I always talk about her with my family and friends. Thanks Nancy. You are the best.

  • Danny L

    May 19,2018

    Nancy and her team provided a great first time homebuyers experience for my wife and I. She thoroughly explained the process and answered all of our questions. Very timely and professional. Would definitely recommend to others and we are glad she was part of this very important milestone in our lives. Thanks Nancy! A++

  • Saira A

    May 15,2018

    Nancy is the absolute best mortgage broker there could possibly be. This is the second home we bought with her . She made everything so easy for us! Buying a new home is stressful time but with her by our side we knew we were taken care of!

  • Evelyn M

    May 14,2018

    Great experience

  • Luis M

    May 12,2018

    Will highly recommend Nancy. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to her dedication to our loan process. From day one, she was accessible, pleasant, talked me off a ledge a couple of times. Always made herslef available. Finding a home is stressful enough, Nancy made our loan process as stress free as possible. Thank you Nancy and team, you are one of a kind. God bless you!

  • Yanet M

    May 11,2018

    i’m very happy with the service , 100 % 😃 thank you so much yanet morales

  • Natalie Q

    May 3,2018

    I would highly recommend Nancy! She’s amazing and is always there to answer any questions. She made the process so smooth and exciting. I couldn’t thank her enough for everything she did. She even appeared at my closing to congratulate me.

  • Jeremias B

    May 2,2018

    Getting approved for a loan hasn't been easy for me as a business owner and self employed client. Thank you Nancy and team for guiding me throughout the process and the patience. We closed on the property yesterday finally . Thank you for your help getting this through . Jay

  • Edward C

    May 1,2018

    Nancy is extremely knowledgeable, detailed, organized and super friendly. She made my entire experience stress-free. She was always available to answer my many questions to make sure I understood everything and that I was happy. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy to anyone who is looking to have the best experience when obtaining a mortgage and closing on their home.

  • user51786927

    May 1,2018

    We had a great experience with Nancy Aguirre. Usually, the house buying process might be stressful for some people but Nancy and her team made it a walk in the park. We were very pleased with her professionalism. Nancy is very knowledgeable about her job. During the whole process, Nancy was always available to answer our questions. Nancy and her team were able to meet all deadlines with ease. I am confident to say that we would not have closed on time without her. I would definitely recommend her and her team to my friends and family interested in purchasing a property.

  • Patricia C

    April 30,2018

    Very professional and respectful. She works with her heart and tries to explain in detail all the process. Thanks Nancy and team

  • RebeccaJoyce9

    December 1,2017

    Nancy, was a fantastic asset to the process of refinancing our home. She helped us every step of the way with our home’s refinance. Nancy was always quick to return calls, and she is very knowledgeable in her field. Anytime I had a question she was able to answer it quickly and clearly. Not only would I recommend her, but I will definitely use her again whenever I purchase another property.

  • thearroyos

    November 1,2017

    It was a pleasure to work with Nancy. She was always available and accommodating to our crazy schedule. The process was fast and Nancy always kept us updated and we’ll informed. Thank you Nancy, you are an asset to Cornerstone Home Lending.

  • Amont019

    October 1,2017

    This is the second time Nancy helps my husband and I finance a home. We would not trust any other lender but her!! Extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and a caring person. Excellent rate, and closed in less than 30 days. Would recommend to anyone.

  • elorariera

    June 1,2017

    Nancy was such an amazing lender. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very responsive to my calls and emails with whatever questions My husband and I had. As first time home buyers, she helped us understand everything we needed to know. From beginning to end, she was there for us and made the entire home buying process enjoyable and not stressful. I would wholeheartedly 100% recommend Nancy. Thank you so much Nancy for helping us purchase our dream home!

  • ppescobar10

    January 1,2017

    Nancy was always very sweet and attentive. She always made herself available when we needed her or had questions and concerns. Would definetly use her again.

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