• Reviews for Tony Farias


    May 13,2021

    Tony just closed my loan recently. He and his team definitely set the high standard, going through all the due diligence and detailed-checking process to approve the loan for me. He is very responsible for both parties: the lender and the client like me. If I have any issue or the processing has any issue, he always call me right away and keep me updated about all the progress and status. He is very responsive and has a great working ethnics. So I will definitely recommend his service to my friends without any hesitation.

  • Jerome s

    May 12,2021

    Tony was always available even when he knew my credit was 500 before my pre approval approved that patience and advice landed me a approval,and a 700 credit score,and a closing thanks you for believing in my ambition.

  • Javier S

    May 6,2021

    "Fairway" have a very professional staff. Mr. Farias did an excellent job. He explains everything in a easy way. Also, he speaks Spanish as well!. Yo recomendaría sus servicios a todo el mundo!.

  • Armando R

    April 30,2021

    Good service

  • Yoan G

    April 27,2021

    Great experience excellent customer service i recommend it a 1000 times your the best

  • Jorge G

    April 3,2021

    What made this experience great and worth it was the communication between all parties. Everyone was on point. There was no delays on anything. Quick responses and very helpful throughout the whole process. When I had lost all hope towards the purchase of this property Tony stepped in and made it happen. As well as his team. Again thank you all for this I appreciate all your efforts may GOD bless you all.

  • Luis K

    April 2,2021

    This is our second time working with Tony and his team and we can’t be happier with his service. The time and effort he puts into it is incredible. He walks you through everything detail by detail. Thank you and looking forward for our next journey.

  • Paola N

    March 30,2021

    Tony is very professional and has a great communication with the clients. He does an excellent job. We will continue working with him in the near future.

  • Sean S

    March 28,2021

    Tony always quickly responded to any concerns and also provided constant updates of our refinance process.

  • Marie S

    March 28,2021


  • Carlos B

    March 24,2021


  • John Z

    March 21,2021

    Tony work in different areas of my mortgage to get the best interest and saving us money Now I am saving 1800 per month on small mortgage I whic I knew him before Now I can retire with all that saving per month

  • Flor O

    March 18,2021

    The process of refinancing my house was very smooth and super organized. The communication was awesome. Phone call, emails and text messages.

  • Helbert A

    March 18,2021

    Our lending team was professional, courteous and thorough. Never felt taken advantage of and incredibly veteran friendly!

  • Jennifer L

    March 14,2021

    Great communication and treated us like family. Definitely recommended 👍

  • Jacques T

    March 12,2021

    Communication, Return calls, Very Very informative And Tony was able to answer question and Educate Along the way.

  • Hanqing L

    March 11,2021

    Quick response. Close on time.

  • Sharmane T

    March 11,2021

    We had amazing experience with Tony he educated us he was there for us always willing to help and answer any questions anytime of the day we are so thankful that Tony came into our lives Tony communication skills are very excellent God bless you and your family and keep helping everybody you can and keep being amazing man that you are God will take you father ❤️🙌🏾

  • sharmanetaylor290

    March 11,2021

    We had amazing experience with Tony he educated us he was there for us always willing to help and answer any questions anytime of the day we are so thankful that Tony came into our lives Tony communication skills are very excellent God bless you and your family and keep helping everybody you can and keep being amazing man that you are God will take you father ❤️🙌🏾

  • Joyma H

    March 9,2021

    Excellent service, first class personalized attention. I recommend them 100 percent. They are the best!

  • Groy P

    March 5,2021

    The best lender team in South Florida.

  • Aurelio U

    February 22,2021

    Very good communication, good customer attention, clear instructions. Thanks

  • Bilent A

    February 11,2021

    Great experience. Excellent communication. It was our second time working with Tony. He walked us through the whole process and was always available to answer any questions. Thank you again!

  • osmanymaday10

    January 29,2021

    We are so satisfied with what Tony has been able to do for us and really change our lives. Without him we would most like have not got the house. He is really just great and I would definitely recommend doing business with him and his team if you want to live your dreams 🙂

  • Jose F

    January 20,2021

    Out of all my refinance expirance this one was by far the most easy one regardless this pandemic. Tony and company made easy for me. Thanks God and Tony for the great service and job.

  • Yana P

    January 17,2021

    Tony got me the best deal for me, after months and several attempts to refinance with other companies. The process was smooth and quicker than I expected. Very professional, with follow ups and notices that kept me informed and on top of what I needed to do all the way through the end. He is the best!

  • Sarah W

    January 15,2021

    Tony made this process simple and easy! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs to refinance!

  • Renata D

    January 14,2021


  • Yana B

    January 13,2021

    Tony and his team were great. They made the loan process smooth and easy to follow through and complete. Highly recommend them. Very professional and knowledgable.

  • Nicole L

    January 1,2021

    It was such a pleasure working with Tony! He made this process so smooth and kept us updated every step of the way. And he always took the time to thoroughly answer any questions we had. I will without a doubt be recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks for all your patience!

  • Luis L

    January 1,2021


  • Miguel L

    December 25,2020

    Everything was good on time reliable. Exelent agent exelent company

  • Jennifer M

    December 23,2020

    Thank you so much for all you did for me and Miguel for all of your patience. You have been wonderful since day one, for assisting us in the mortgage process, and you can be sure that if I know anyone looking for a loan they will have your name and number from me!

  • Nalett J

    December 10,2020

    Tony was very good he broke down everything so could understand after months of working with me I finally got approved he did an awesome job .

  • Ernesto L

    December 9,2020

    I had a very bad experience with the previous mortgage company I was working with and totally lost trust in the system and the way things were done in general. I was disturbed by the mortgage company process and their incompetence. When Tony was suggested to me I wasn't fair to him because I came on board reluctantly and with all of my prior prejudices but Tony never wavered, he never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. He put himself in my shoes and my case became personal to him.

  • Daniel P

    December 9,2020

    Thank you for your help and I appreciate working with you. I appreciate the knowledge you and your team have and that you’re able to set me up such a beneficial outcome

  • Roslyn W

    December 9,2020

    Signing into website was difficult and frustrating.. Website doesn’t work well with Safari browser. Once signed in navigation was clear and well defined as to what steps were needed to complete. Loan Officer Tony was helpful and friendly. He responded quickly and was helpful in walking me thru the loan process. Tony worked diligently to help load key loan docs even if it meant sending them to his email to keep the process moving. Thumbs up for Tony; thumbs down for website sign-in!

  • Robert C

    November 24,2020

    worked hard on my refi until it was approved.

  • Susan S

    November 22,2020

    Tony worked very hard to get my loan and help to accommodate technical issues when completing the process on line.

  • Miguel R

    November 20,2020

    Very professional and knowledgeable

  • susan

    November 18,2020

    Tony was very dedicated to helping me secure the best loan for me. The team was kind and efficient! They walked me through each step and got me my loan even when other companies could not! Thank you Tony & Loan Team

  • rbcreber

    November 17,2020

    worked very hard to get the results I was looking for to refinance my existing mortgage. Tony was my original broker when I bought the house and did a great job at that time also

  • Jesus E

    November 12,2020

    Kept me up to speed on everything. Explained every single step and ensured I understood all of it. Great communicator and it was an overall great experience. A total professional.

  • Miguel R

    November 4,2020

    Mr. Farias made this process very smooth and it was very professional.

  • Robert L

    October 16,2020

    Tony is one of the best people in the business. I couldn’t be more impressed with this young man and his team. He made what I thought to be a daunting process just about as easy as can be. What ever hiccups I had on my end Tony was there to save the day. He was a God send to my wife and I who are a bit older and not as tech savvy and equipped as the process can require in today’s business environment. Tony happily went above and way beyond to make our dream come true. He’s more than amazing.

  • Steven M

    September 30,2020

    The loan staff was very helpful during the entire process.

  • Enrique F

    September 27,2020

    Tony! Made it great. He is a true legend when it comes to mortgages. He made me feel like family. I can not thank him enough.

  • Juan R

    September 22,2020

    quick responses and get the job done. Competitive rates

  • Juan C

    September 22,2020

    Happy to work with tony on my condo refinance. My condo had a lot of issues and he still help me close the loan. His team members also work synchronized so things get done seamless.

  • Martha P

    September 5,2020

    Tony went above and beyond to make sure we made our closing date timeline. He worked overtime and even went out of his way to ensure I met all requirements for approval. From the bottom of my family’s heart. Thank you!

  • Monica F

    August 25,2020

    Absolutely amazing very pleased and fast Tony and his team help me from day 1 and I am so glad they help me with everything thank you again

  • Eduardo B

    August 9,2020

    He did what he said he was going to do professionally and on time. with good communication and feedback along the way.

  • Eduardo

    August 9,2020

    A great Experience. The Process is complicated. He made it feel smooth. Was in constant communication with us. The Company has a great support Team. Highly recommended!!!

  • Olin T

    July 28,2020

    Tony was very accommodating, easy to reach, and responded immediately to any inquiry. He made my life so easy and went above and beyond what was expected.

  • Christopher M

    July 28,2020


  • Dagmar Z

    July 23,2020

    Tony was just amazing since beginning to very end. Highly recommending to everyone!!!

  • Berline B

    July 22,2020

    Tony is one in a million. He was very patient, thorough, and followed through on everything. He deserves nothing but the BEST! A MILLION THANK YOUS TONY!


    July 21,2020

    Thank you Tony for helping me with my very first home. You truly exceeded my expectations. I will definitely send all my friends and family your way when they need to buy a home.

  • Jeremy T

    July 16,2020

    I had a terrible experience with Supreme Lending that was going to make me lose my 7.5k deposite. Tony saved my deposite, got me the loan, and had me in my house in 2 weeks. Great work.

  • Timmothy H

    July 15,2020

    Tony kept us in the loop and was available to us whenever we needed him. If we have anyone looking to buy a home we will definitely refer them to Tony.

  • David M

    July 14,2020

    Follow up by Tony

  • Jorge M

    July 3,2020

    Excellent services. 24/7

  • Isabel L

    June 30,2020

    Everything was fast and very professional.

  • Mena M

    June 30,2020

    Customer service was second to none, Tony's team was very helpful and professional.

  • Amy C

    May 21,2020

    Great communication and felt he was in our corner.

  • Cesar S

    May 18,2020

    Honest, fast, reliable and attentive service. Great team work!

  • Gina P

    May 11,2020

    Trying to navigate home buying in Florida understanding the role of a title company during a pandemic, while working as a nurse was a challenge. ( I’ve only owned homes in Ny ), With Tony’s expertise patience and guidance, everything was as stress free as could be! He is the best!!!

  • Gina P

    May 11,2020

    I am a first time home buyer in Florida, previously owned homes in NY. Try to navigate the landscape of the role of Florida Title Co, during a pandemic while I work as a nurse! OMG If it wasn't for Tony's patience and expertise in his field I would not be able to be a homeowner today in a beautiful place to rest between shifts!!

  • Luu T

    May 3,2020

    He knows how to get the job done and makes everything easier for the home buyer

  • tuanlinhdl1711

    May 2,2020

    He knows how to get the job done and makes everything easier for the home buyer. He made the lending process way easier. If Tony is not there, I don't think I can get my first house.

  • Raymond O

    April 19,2020

    Personal touch

  • Elza G

    March 30,2020

    Tony guided my husband and myself step by step. For first time home buyers we felt that we did not have to nothing just summit paper work and Tony did the rest. We would call late nights early AM and he was always willing to help us and answer all our questions. Great customer service

  • Suzana P

    March 29,2020

    The whole team worked with me daily basics letting me know everything that was going on step by step. Fast response to emails and phone calls. They explained to me everything that I didn’t understand, very professional. Tony is great, he makes things happen whatever obstacles he finds a way. Very happy and thankful for all the help 👍👍💖

  • Emmanuel A

    March 28,2020

    The whole process with Tony and the team was Great!

  • Gregory B

    March 21,2020

    Simply said The passion and professionalism and work ethic of Tony Farias made all the difference, I am a return customer, he won me over the first transaction

  • Catherine B

    March 13,2020

    Tony and his team were very caring and guided me through my home owning experience. They were available to answer and questions I had and kept me updated on any status change. I would recommend Fairway to my family and friends with confidence.

  • Maykel M

    March 9,2020

    I was never alone during the process , Tony Farias was there to answer any question with an incredible professionalism.

  • Jane M

    March 6,2020

    Responsiveness. Attentiveness. Sincerity. Creativity with financing. He always has the best interests of his clients as his priority!

  • Ossie V

    February 21,2020

    Even though it was a long process, (I felt exhausted sometimes) Tony was always trying to solve out different obstacles. He is very resourceful.

  • James D

    February 21,2020

    Without Tonys patience and attention to detail I don't beleive I would own a home right now. At times it was incredibly stressful but Tony always answered my calls and put my mind at ease. I'm both grateful and appreciative for all the hard work Tony and his team put in on my behalf to help me become a homeowner.

  • Luz C

    February 10,2020

    Tony and his team were very professional, and knowledgeable. They made things easy to follow. Everybody was nice and courteous

  • Glavosky P

    February 7,2020

    Team was exceptional! Fast and very helpful, whenever was needed, great experience!

  • Paola N

    February 3,2020

    Tony is very professional and communicative. Also he makes all this, a very smooth process. We couldn’t imagine a better person for this job than Tony. Thank you so so much!

  • Luz

    February 3,2020

    if you are looking for a new home and you don't know anything about mortgage process I highly recommend Tony and his team. They were very helpful, caring, fast, knowledgeable and very professional

  • Luis K

    January 31,2020

    It was a great pleasure to work with Tony and his team. Tony was responsive to all questions, dependable and reliable in accomplishing the task at hand. We were most impressed with the turnaround and how quickly the settlement date was scheduled. His professionalism exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the time and effort.

  • Diana S

    January 17,2020

    Tony and the whole team were very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Altana D

    January 10,2020

    Tony and his team were super helpful and professional. I would highly recommend. It was our first home purchase and he made it so easy and hassle free. Thanks guys for helping us with our purchase

  • Sabah C

    December 30,2019

    Working with Tony was great! He was very knowledgeable and helped coaching a first time home owner through the process. He was always available and very professional.

  • Anamaria D

    December 16,2019

    This is my second time working with Tony. Excellent team! I will recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or refinance their home.

  • Alejandro C

    December 15,2019

    Best in his area of expertise. Fast, reliable and trustworthy. A pleasure to work with him. Thanks

  • zuser201510192108470

    November 27,2019

    Honestly the best I ever worked with, closed in 1 month and couldn’t have been better then working with tony and his team!!!!! No need to look anywhere else

  • Mary T

    November 8,2019

    He took the time to care.

  • Heather T

    November 8,2019

    This is the second loan Tony has done for me. Just like the first one, this mortgage process was easy and hassle free. He was always available by phone, very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend him.

  • Brandon W

    October 13,2019

    Tony was fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying a home. Thanks Tony!!

  • Alexander I

    October 2,2019

    Nothing but great things about working with tony. Always responsive

  • Leonardo G

    September 23,2019

    Tony was very helpful and completely helped us though the buying process.

  • Lazenie A

    September 21,2019

    TONY always try his best , to help you , great customer service

  • Ailyn R

    September 12,2019

    Toni was clear and informative. He answered to my array of questions. I appreciate everything he did for me.

  • Martha E

    August 23,2019

    He made my loan be approved and he was there always to answer any questions, and he has an excellent team

  • Martha E

    August 23,2019

    I would highly recommend Tony and his excellent team to everyone is looking to purchase a first time home, which was my case, the process was easy and very clear, Tony and his team were always available to answer any of my concerns, and the most important thing: they got me approved! I’m moving to my new place next week! When we finished the process I could say I knew what I was getting myself into, I felt confident, this is my first home purchase. If I’m gonna need lender services again, I know I will call Tony and his team of professionals

  • Luis S

    August 14,2019

    Tony was an incredible help during my home purchase. As a first time home buyer, I was filled with doubts but he accompanied me in every step, taking the time to explain everything I wasn't understanding and making recommendations along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tony to people, as I would assure you he will make sure your loan closes on time and with the best rates in the market.

  • Deverell G

    July 23,2019

    We have a lot of miscommunication and some stuff would make it so easier

  • coreykubica

    July 1,2019

    Tony and his team took care of me. Explained into detail everything I needed to know and made sure I was taken care of. I was new to this, and he made sure that I understood and broke everything down for me.

  • Joseph E

    June 28,2019

    Tony's knowledge, courtesy and accommodating nature. He has always been the only lender I recommend. Thanks, Tony

  • Friedolin &

    June 27,2019

    My wife and I were first time home buyers and had lots of questions and concerns in regards to the mortgage and the entire home purchase process. We decided to go with Tony because he did an outstanding job on the educational part. He explained every single step of the process clearly so that we did not encounter any problems. Besides his fantastic industry knowledge, Tony was always available and absolutely reliable. We can strongly recommend working him.

  • Kenia J

    June 21,2019

    Our experience was simple insuperable. The attention to details, knowledge, communication, and approach made the interactions easier. Tony displayed a fantastic work ethic which make him absolutely trustworthy.

  • nancyc54

    June 21,2019

    as a single mom purchasing a home was extremely scary and nerve racking. Tony and his TEAM were with me every step of the way. Always available to answer any questions I had and always taking the time. I cant thank them enough and highly recommend.

  • Marc L

    June 17,2019

    Not only was the complete staff easy and pleasant to work with but they also went above and beyond to help in areas that were not there responsibility. Not only would I recommend using Tony and his staff. But I will safely say your crazy to choose any other company to help with your mortgage needs Marc

  • Stewart L

    June 9,2019

    Communication from Tony's team from the beginning was very clear in a timely manner every question i had was answered and everyone was very friendly i would definitely recommend Tony and his team for anyone in the process of buying their house.

  • stewart l

    June 9,2019

    Tony was of great help from the beginning of the process, from helping me raise my credit score , getting me approve for a loan and finally getting the house i wanted. I would definitely recommend him, and would gladdly do business with him again. Thank you very much for all the help you and your team provided.

  • Miranda A

    June 3,2019

    Tony helped us to improve the credit score so we didn’t lose the mortgage & the house we liked

  • tamertasa

    June 1,2019

    Tony Farias is a real professional. He knows how to explain all details during the process. Always good advice and positive attitude. Tony likes to work on deadlines. It was my second mortgage with Tony and closed successfully. Hoping to see you Tony on another property and a new project.

  • Debbie S

    April 18,2019

    As a first-time home buyer, Tony (Farias) was very friendly and knowledgeable throughout the whole home purchase process and answered any and all questions we had at any time of the day or night. He went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything being presented to us. What could turn out to be a very complicated process, was made as simple as possible with Tony as our loan officer.

  • Maguino S

    April 18,2019

    Very good

  • MaguinoSilva

    April 12,2019

    I did not know what I was going to do, you're in a lot of debt ,so I decided to find a professional (Tony) who offered me several options ,and with a record time we were able to do the entire process of refinancing,and now thank God and Tony, I have my house and I have no debt

  • angelsamja0

    April 6,2019

    Our agent tony was very knowledgeable. He was on point every step of the way, got us thru the process effortlessly, the other agents who we encountered were also very professional and on point with all tasks.

  • Marvin H

    April 1,2019

    Tony did an amazing job !

  • Marvin

    April 1,2019

    Tony did a great job in getting my loan approved. He handled every hurdle that was presented during this process. I am truly appreciative of his efforts in getting my deal done.

  • mira m

    March 29,2019

    Tony works above and biand ‘ he was on top of his work ‘ he find us someone to help us to improve the credit score & he did it in short time & we didn’t lose the house & we close on time because of him & his wonderful team . Thank you so much tony .

  • Ornella D

    March 4,2019

    Tony is Great, he is very dedicated, he help us a lot during all the process.

  • Edward O

    March 4,2019

    Tony and his team took me to the finish line in record time!! Thank you all!!!

  • Gregory B

    February 10,2019

    The experience dealing with Tony Farias was absolutely amazing and flawless. Every step along the process went exactly the way Tony said it would go. He and his team work as a well oiled machine.they know and understand that applying for a mortgage can be intimidating to say the least however the way he and his team handle the process is and was very impressive from their knowledge of the process to their professionalism when it comes to answering any and all of your calls oranytime any day.

  • user8053404

    February 7,2019

    Not only is mr Farias a professional , he is a man of his word. He along with his team are extremely dedicated to their jobs, the mortgage process is handled like clockwork. I applied for a mortgage ($300,000) not an easy task even with the best credentials but Mr. Farias along with his team was able to secure my loan at a great interest rate (4.75%) and get my loan closed in less than 20 days including weekends. You can contact him anytime, if you leave a message you can rest assured he will return your call very shortly and that goes for anyone else on his team that you will work with throughout the process. I cannot praise and thank him enough. I have nothing to gain writing this review but anyone reading has much to gain, if you need a mortgage taking my advice will ensure a smooth, quick positive result, keep in mind you will need to give him the tools he needs of course in a timely manner and he and his team can get it done in fact I am now of the belief that if Tony Farias, his team and his company can’t do it, it can’t be done

  • Mitchell D

    January 31,2019

    Always available, customer first attitude!!

  • Cesar L

    January 15,2019

    Tony is extremely professional and stays with you the whole process . Fast and very organized , the whole team is really easy to work with and made this experience a great one . Thanks you guys !

  • Miguel O

    December 19,2018

    Since I was looking to find the right lender for My new and first home for me and my family I was so scared to find a professional but I did it. I found a great lender with Tony Farias and Fairway , the process is hard but they did much better the process and always responding all our questions. If You are looking for a lender to buy a property please dont wait a contact Tony right now and You will see. Trust me this is an outstanding work. Thank You Tony one more time You and your team!! Congratulations

  • Manita J

    October 22,2018

    Hi my name is Manita Jean-Baptiste Mr Tony farias was my broker my experience has a first-time home buyer the team that work together with mr. Tony was amazing word can I describe it they was very professional respectful Karen they all in breast I felt so much love in the realtor she was amazing they always like a family that I never have I recommend anybody who buy in the house this is the step you have to take with this team I say that from experience I was glad I picked this company bless all

  • Robert C

    October 19,2018

    excellent service

  • Amy C

    September 30,2018

    Excellent communication throughout the entire process ! I always knew what step we were on in the loan process and exactly what I needed to do.

  • Evan B

    August 5,2018

    Great team, super friendly, and they care about how you feel!

  • Priscilla B

    August 3,2018

    Tony was great. Always available and very attentive. Extremely helpful.

  • Duygu D

    July 29,2018

    Great to be working with Tony Farias and his team All about good communications and passions that makes everything perfectly done Thank you

  • Genevieve A

    July 18,2018

    Tony and his team were easy to work with during the home buying process. They simplify the process as much as they possibly can for you and communicate and update you every step of the way. Tony and his team are accessible to answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend Fairway to friends, family and colleagues.

  • Cesar S

    July 10,2018

    We were very pleased with having Tony on our side for our loan needs. Tony was always responsive and willing to help and resolve issues, that made a big difference. We appreciate your support and professional courtesies. Thanks a lot!

  • Guillermo N

    July 4,2018


  • Priscilla J

    July 1,2018

    Always helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I am actually using him again. Replies quickly and very efficient. I will recommend him to everyone! Loved the experience.

  • Joyma H

    June 9,2018

    Excellent customer service! Great job!

  • Groilan P

    June 9,2018

    Best customer service ever!!!! Very professional. Accurate.

  • David P

    June 9,2018

    La verdad fue una experiencia mui sactifatoria de principio a fin tony me explicaba de una manera que yo pudiera entender los documentos que yo iva firmando durante el proceso de la compra de la vivienda. Siempre estava en contacto con migo para ver si todo estava bien . Aver tenido a tony como el broker que yevava mi caso. fue lo mejor que me a pasado. Gracias a el y a todo su equipo yo pude comprar la casa de mis sueños. Lo recomendaria con mis familiares y amigos sin duda alguna

  • Groy P

    June 1,2018

    One of the best shopping experience I've had, everything went according to plan, no stress. The customer service was exceptional, very professional and friendly. Always available for any questions or questions. Thank you.

  • Brian L

    May 19,2018

    Great customer care, very friendly and excellent service thank you Tony

  • Ali S

    May 18,2018

    I have done everything that comes from incredible helpers in every issue, I am a very safe company and I get his fhone numberfrom my friend I am very happy to be work with TonyThank you very much for everything

  • Jack N

    May 8,2018

    He got me over the hump and was able to help me achieve my dreams. I will work with him next time I am going to finance something.

  • aliyavuzs34

    May 1,2018

    It was incredibly helpful at the level. The whole team is very professional I am so happy to work with this company’s and I’m the person I am recall m I am so happy to work with this company’s and on the person I am recommended For everybody

  • Cathy

    February 1,2018

    It was wonderful working with Tony and his staff..very professional and a pleasure..they answered all my questions and made the borrowing process very smooth and stress free.

  • anavilla0670

    November 1,2017

    I will never use anybody else ever again. Bery professional staff. Completed everything even before the expected closing date. I will highly recommend him.

  • dctouch

    August 1,2017

    I highly recommended Tony Farias and his incredible team. They were amazing from the get go. We had a complicated situation involving a challenging purchase. They guided us and helped us to remain calm at times when we felt like giving up. I truly feel blessed to have been referred to Tony. He performs magic and miracles. I highly recommend Tony for any loan needs.

  • zuser20150422174745334

    March 1,2017

    Tony did an excellent job of working thru a difficult situation and getting my loan closed on time. I really appreciate his professionalism and dedication to serving his clients. I would recommend him highly.

  • tirwi001

    November 1,2016

    Tony is hard-working and committed. He has a wealth of information he isn't shy about sharing. He's patient and really takes the time to explain everything. Most importantly, he'll get your deal done.

  • user98126956

    August 18,2016

    Tony is excellent, is goes above and beyond to provide an extraordinary service. Always helpful and thoughtful on the needs of me as a client.He saved me a lot of paperwork and errands. I fully trust his expertise and accountability.

  • alex m

    August 16,2016

    It doesnt exist words to describe what Tony and his team did; I can literally say that Tony saved my entire family illusions, me and my wife founded the house of our dreams and we started the loan proccess with another lender and everything got shutdown for crazy reasons so Im glad we founded Tony because he rescued us and was so dilligence we everything that he needs from us and what he did at all. Tony keep it up and of course I will reccomend you to my relatives and friends seeking for a home loan soon. God bless you.

  • jmiskell

    July 20,2016

    Tony and his team made my home purchase the smoothest, easiest, and fastest that I have ever experienced. Their prompt attention, professionalism, and thorough efficiency were amazing!

  • jonaszhai

    May 22,2016

    Simply amazing! Tony is very knowledgable of all types of loan and he will help you to pick the best loan for your property. I came to Tony after the first mortgage company denied my loan. He is very responsive and communicates well. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. Thanks to his excellent work, we had a smooth closing. Tony is the person who gets work done. Highly recommended! -- J. Z.

  • user0847397

    February 17,2016

    Tony is amazing at what he does! He helped us buy our dream house with a pool and without him I'm pretty sure it would have been impossible... He is very educated, he knows his stuff and he is also very professional and a good nice guy all around..He communicates well with you and what is needed from you and he gets it done. You should give him a shot, he won't let you down. -Paul & Karen V.

  • tweety03

    April 18,2015

    Tony is simply amazing. This process starta with picking the right realtor. Aytiah Johnson is the best this business has to offer. From he, down to Tony and their whole financial team. There was these little hiccups that seemingly creeped in at the very last moments and they worked it all out. Tony and his team didn't treat me as just "another number " they truly cared and invested themselves in this process of my life. I would definitely recommend them to anyone because they are truly interested in the client and meeting their needs.

  • zuser20140427203541636

    October 24,2014

    Tony is one of the highest ranking professional I have dealt with. He is very knowledgeable and persistent. He worked very hard to clear up some issues on my credit and made the approval possible for me. He knows how to close the deal. I highly recommend him.

  • user54253703

    October 16,2014

    The customer servicel was very kind and helpful. He was available during the whole process and keep me updated on any change. I recommend Tony for his excellent work and effort he puts during the whole process to make sure our dreams come true. Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

  • lukaszlitewka

    October 15,2014

    We been looking for long time for loan and asking banks for financing they give to us nothing and treat us like another income. When we meet Tony first question was how much we needed. Shock but possible. ....Then we closed our short sale in 2 months what was another surprise. Paper work was ready fast and in professional way.I will strongly recommend him as a person who know what he is doing and as really professional guy.But a way refinancing we will go to him also.

  • rlayton1

    October 13,2014

    Tony was highly recommended by a close friend and proved to be invaluable in helping us a secure a mortgage for our property. We had a few challenges along the way and Tony's knowledge and expertise provided the guidance to make it happen! He personally involved himself and was committed to seeing the loan through the complete process no matter what the issue. His responsiveness and communication was immediate, no matter the time of day or weekend. We communicated many times daily, as he provided us updates and consultation on issues. Without Tony's dedication and commitment we would not be enjoying the house of our dreams! We now consider Tony a great friend and would highly recommend him to our family, friends, and anyone needing a great mortgage loan officer.

  • MioaraMihai

    October 9,2014

    Very professional and helpful! I was trying for years to talke a loan, to buy a house.Everyone told me that I do not qualify. Then I was introduced to Tony. He told me from the begining that he can do it. I said in my mind, I will give it a try. He told me what to do,he asked me for the documents the bank requested, and, yes, he did it.I got the commitment letter,and yes, we closed.Thank you Tony !

  • blackdiamond81

    October 8,2014

    Tony helped us get approved for a loan for our first house in 2009... Then in 2013 we need a bigger house so helped us buy the second one. He is a man of his word and will do what ever it takes to make sure you get what your heart desire! If he says he can do it he will. If he says it can be done, it can be done. I was emailing and texting him anytime of day and night.. And none of my messages went unreturned. Tony was also able to send up prayers and encourage me when I was ready to give in! (Short sale house took forever). I would highly recommend him to anyone buying a house! He is the best hands down.He is like family to me now.

  • user735802

    February 18,2012

    Tony was extremely helpful and very reassuring. The process of purchasing a home can feel overwhelming at times, but Tony was always available and willing to help out immediately. He also explained processes in detail and in a very understandable way. I can't say enough, he was willing to work around my schedule and he made what would normally be a very stressful process, a very stress-free experience.

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