What is Involved in a Home Inspection?

What is Involved in a Home Inspection?

With any home purchase, a common contingency to the approval of the sale is a completed home inspection. This takes place when a buyer hires a home inspector to examine a home for damages and repairs that may be necessary. The inspector will issue a report to the homebuyer once the inspection is complete, helping determine if the sale will continue. The homebuyer and real estate agent can use this report in negotiation with the seller to have the seller pay for items that need repairs.

During the inspection, the home inspector will examine the following:

Structure:This includes the home’s foundation and attic.

Roof:The home inspector will look for loose shingles or tiles and check gutters.

Plumbing:All of the home’s plumbing will be inspected for leaks, obstructions and damages.

Electrical:Wiring, lighting and any other electrical components of the home will be inspected to ensure they are working properly and safely. During this process, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are also examined.

HVAC:All heating and cooling systems will be inspected to guarantee they are in good working condition. During this process, chimneys are checked for damages and obstructions.

Exterior:Doors, windows and other exterior components of the home are surveyed for damages.

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