Important Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Aerial view of hurricane

Important Hurricane Preparedness Tips

The entire state of Florida is under a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Dorian. Residents have been urged to make preparations and have seven days of supplies on hand. With the hurricane season running through November, the dangers are all too real. If you don’t have a disaster plan, now is the time to come up with one. In addition to stocking up with groceries and medications, make sure to write down emergency phone numbers and review your evacuation zone, evacuation route and shelter locations. If told to evacuate, do so immediately. Check out this checklist of supplies.

Because homeowners and renters insurance do not typically cover flood damage, you’ll want to take extra precautions to minimize destruction to property. Even one inch of floodwater can damage flooring, carpet and furniture, as well as compromise the structural integrity of a home in the worst-case scenario. If you have NFIP flood insurance, your policy may cover up to $1,000 in loss avoidance measures such as sandbags and water pumps. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts and a record of the time spent performing the work. For more guidance on flood claims, click here.

Here are three simple measures to protect your home:

Barricade your home

If your home isn’t built with storm shutters, board up windows with plywood. Place sandbags around doorways and stack them so the seams between bags are staggered.

Unplug your appliances

To prevent electrocution, residents are advised to unplug all household appliances and electronics. Be prepared to turn off electricity and gas if emergency officials instruct you to do so.

Clear gutters and downspouts

Clean out the gutters and downspouts and fix any leaks with a silicone sealant to ensure that storm water flows properly away from your home. Additionally, take some time to prune branches and remove decayed trees that could fall on your house. Note, however, that cutting back large branches will only make trees more prone to breakage, so be judicious.

Stay tuned to local news for updates and, of course, be safe!


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